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Welcome to the official website for NOLA Pyrate Week – THE Pyratical celebration of culture, art, food & entertainment in New Orleans. Join us as we rebuild, renew and rise up!

NOLA Pyrate Week happens every spring at about the same time…last weekend o’ March to the first weekend o’ April – in and around New Orleans and the Bayous o’ South Louisiana!

…Dates for 2014 (our Sixth Annual) are Fri. March 28 to Sun. April 6…

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NOLA Pyrate Week – Take what ye can, GIVE something back!™

Shield The People – Save The Water

Oyate Wahacanka- Shield The People!

Keystone Tar Sands / XL Pipeline. Nearly everyone is familiar with these words and most have at least some opinion about what they represent. Those who are willing to sacrifice the very things which make life possible on this planet for personal gain, they mean fabulous wealth and power. For some, they only mean possibly saving a few cents at the gas pump. For others, who have studied the short and long term effects of what these words represent, a far more grim reality becomes apparent.

Please take this all in, share it, PAY ATTENTION…this affects all of us! It is not just about People in the path of this, it’s about abject greed poisoning our planet at any cost, profits over People and yes, the final and total destruction of Treaties with The People who belong to this land.

We are not the masters of this Earth, we are it’s Caretakers – and right now we are doing a terrible job.

Stand with the Oceti Sakowin and all First Nations Peoples, stand up for your rights as Human Beings, your rights to CLEAN WATER – for you, your Children, your Families, for Crops, for Animals, for Trees and Grasses, for Rivers, Lakes & Oceans!

Mitakuye Oyasin – All My Relations!

Wedding O’ The Year

Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-38It’s a rare occasion when two Pyrates get wed tie the knot (well, seriously married – there is the infamous “meaningful overnight relationship” wedding…) – and that’s just what happened in Pirates Alley on the 30th o’ March 2014. If ye missed it, ye missed out on a grand celebration; hosted by our good mates Tony & Thais – and their Crew – from Pirates Alley Café, officiated by the QM herself – Seika Hellbound – and light musical fare from the fine lads o’ The Whiskey Bay Rovers. As fine a Crew o’ Privateers, Buccaneers, Wenches…even a Parrot – Pyrates from ports near and far…and the Bride & Groom (with a small, but faithful, Crew in attendance), hailing from Long Island, New York!

Photos are included below (largely taken by our own Pyratical Photog, Dawn ‘Sure Shot’ Carl…and her trusty Canon)…but first, a personal message o’ thanks from the happy couple:

On behalf of Jenny and myself, we both wish to thank everyone for participating in our pirate wedding in New Orleans. It was a great experience and made memorable by all those in attendance. We appreciate all the work of everyone involved and kind words and hearty feelings of joy that people brought with them to the event. 

We look forward to participating in future pirate events and we welcome anyone who wishes us to join us in June for Pirate Week in our own neighborhood on Long Island - http://www.thepiratefestival.org

Once again, from the bottom of our hearts, a thanks to everyone for making our day fun, memorable and enjoyable.

Edward and Jenny

Click to view the photos – and remember, all photos are copyright o’ the Photographer (and watermarked as such); if ye share, credit the artist! No commercial use is allowed.

Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-01Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-03 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-05 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-07 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-09 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-11PyratesImage-PyrateWedding-02 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-12 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-13 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-17Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-16  Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-20Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-18  PyratesImage-PyrateWedding-23Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-21 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-23 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-24 PyratesImage-PyrateWedding-08Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-26  Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-28 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-29 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-30 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-31 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-32 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-33 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-34 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-35 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-39 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-40 PyratesImage-PyrateWedding-15 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-44 PyratesImage-PyrateWedding-19PyratesImage-PyrateWedding-05 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-47 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-48 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-50 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-53 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-56Dawn-Carl-groupIMG_6593_1

Into The Wind

Spike El Pirata, QM Seika Hellbound, Buccaneer Rick Theriot in Pirates Alley

Spike El Pirata, QM Seika Hellbound, Buccaneer Rick Theriot in Pirates Alley

A hearty “THANK YE” to all the Crew, Artisans, Restaurants, Riders and Visitors who attended, promoted & supported the 6th Annual NOLA Pyrate Week (and 2nd Annual Houma Pyrate Day) – a grand time was had by all!

The week started with our usual gathering at Pirates Alley Café – and our genial hosts Thais ‘La Reina del Callejón’ Solano and Tony ‘Mr. Cadillac’ Seville treating our ragged band o’ adventurers as if they were royalty! Thais & Tony have been strong supporters o’ both NOLA Pyrate Week AND those we seek to aid; this year making a generous donation to Keep Terrebonne Beautiful.

A stroll through St. Louis Cemeteries #1 & #2 with ‘Admiral’ Charles Duffy III (New Orleans Krewe Of Pirates - for which we were made ‘Captians” o’ the Great Lakes North Krewe!) uncovers some mysteries – and creates others – while the tomb o’ Pyrate Dominique Youx is easy to find in #2, the resting place o’ Pyrate& “Architect o’ New Orleans”, Barthelemy Lafon (in #1) is still a mystery; though we have an idea where it should be, there are many tombs uncared from and missing faceplates (with names). Lafon is a relation to Capt. Swallow – who interestingly enough found many other relations to his family, including one which is likely a closer relation to Lafon (Pépin – many Lafon ancestors were also dit Pépin). A cool drink at The Upper Quarter (where our Master Gunner, Mr. Irish, manages) wraps a fine day in the sun!

C. Pepin (relation of Lafon) Repainring Tombs Charles Lafitte, Son of Pierre? La Familie Rousseau La Familie Rousseau Pyrates in The Upper Quarter

O’ course the highlight o’ the first weekend was the Pyrate Wedding o’ Ms. ‘Cherokee’ Jenny Dubs and Mr. Edward ‘Doc’ Maggio – both on the account from Long Island, New York! They and their jolly crew we’re joined by a fine group o’ Pyratical witnesses and the knot was tied by none other than QM Seika Hellbound! Musical accompaniment was kindly provided by members o’ The Whiskey Bay Rovers and Pirates Alley Café provided tasty treats and bountiful beverages!

Tie The Knot (Dawn Carl) The Knot Is Tied Signing The great Book o' Pyrates Pyrate Witnesses Dawn-Carl-groupIMG_6593_1

In the week, we travelled to the Bayous o’ Barataria, to The Town Of Jean Lafitte (by invitation o’ third generation Mayor Timothy P. Kerner – charming fellow), to visit their new Museum & Wetlands Study Center. Accompanied by Thais, Tony & our crewmate Dawn ‘Sure Shot’ Carl (Geneologist, Historian & Photographer). A beautiful spot that is still growing (they are currently constructing a Visual Arts & Conference Center); we thoroughly enjoyed our visit – and discovered Jean Lafiitte…hiding in a Museum closet!

IMG_20140331_153844 IMG_20140331_155839 IMG_20140331_155852 IMG_20140331_143058 IMG_20140331_141405~2 IMG_20140331_143249 IMG_20140331_143338 IMG_20140331_143528 IMG_20140331_143542 IMG_20140331_143552 IMG_20140331_143605 IMG_20140331_150206~2

Of course the adventures didn’t end there…more photos and fun to follow!


Brunch & Bindings

Sunday the 30th o’ March, in the year Two Thousand & Fourteen we declare the binding o’ Ms. Cherokee Jenny Dubs & Master Edward ‘Doc’ Lawless. Ceremony officiated by QM Seika Hellbound, consecrated by Capt. John Swallow. At two bells past noon in Pirates Alley, gather ye all and be witness – and drink a toast to the happy couple!
But first…we eat! Join us for brunch 11am, Croissant d’ Or on Ursulines St., on the River side o’ Royal…fine French pastry, bread, brioche, sandwich, soup, coffee and more!