Help Save The New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple


Avast mates – time to trim the sails and haul together!

Our beloved mate, Maman Miriam Chamani, Priestess o’ The New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple for these past two and a half decades, has suffered a disaster by fire.

In the early hours o’ Monday morning (1 Feb, 2016), what appears to be an electrical fire enflamed the historic Creole Cottage on N.… read on, mate!

Boil The Kettle & Hoist Yer Mug!


What’s a Pyrate’s favourite beverage?

RUM, obviously…but there be many a time when even Rum won’t do – and for those times, there’s COFFEE!

Many similarities between the two, ye know – naturally darker colour, must come from the best ingredients, takes a skilled hand to make a great batch, stronger the longer it sits, mixing other things into it often tends to ruin the flavour (with a few exceptions), a good pick-ye-up in the morning (well, to be fair, someone else may have to pick ye up if yer full o’ Rum in the morning).… read on, mate!

Pieces of Eight


Aye, mates – we’ve branded this year “Pieces Of Eight” as this be the lucky 8th year for NOLA Pyrate Week – and we hope ye join us as we gather in Louisiana!

All manner o’ adventures await – history, culture, great food & drink and (as always) the chance to do give back to the communities & regions we love so much.… read on, mate!

Magic, Dreams & Good Madness

600 Block Pirates (Orleans) Alley

…and next, it’s Mardi Gras!

Pyrates Alley c.1930

We wish ye all the best mates – and look forward to seeing many o’ ye again this year at NOLA Pyrate Week. Our wee gathering continues to promote real Pyrate history (and the places much o’ it took place), assist communities where we’re able, promote Louisiana culture/history/etc.… read on, mate!