Dogs, Dingus & Debauche!


Who says a Monday can’t be entertaining?
This morning we visit Old Algiers and take o’er the Hubbell Library with our good mates Ol’ Chumbucket & Confetti Park Players…history & literacy & Pyrates, oh my!

This evening we journey to Villalobos Rescue Center (just under the Claiborne lift bridge) for some volunteer dog walking and dropping off a few donations.… read on, mate!

Good News For Wetlands


During a parley with our musical mates The Whiskey Bay Rovers, they shared this good news with us; a wonderful example o’ how things CAN work when ye actually DO something about the problem!

Have a look at this article and be sure to run the animation that shows land reclamation from 1987 through 2014 – and not just at the mouth o’ the delta, but inland too: Growing Land In The Atchafalaya Delta

As ye know, we are very dedicated ambassadors for the restoration and preservation o’ wetlands – and especially in Louisiana where so much damage has been done by humans in such a short period.… read on, mate!

Follow The Adventures – With Technology


AVAST…we’ve been looking for a reasonably simple way for folks to keep in close touch during NOLA Pyrate Week and otherwise follow along.

There be an app for that: Telegram seems to be the answer!

Telegram is free, secure, no ads, and cross platform messaging system – it works on Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone, PC, or a web version!… read on, mate!