Save The Bayou


Our mate, Capt. Wendy Wilson Billiot has a powerful new post on her site, Bayou Woman ~ Life in the Louisiana Wetlands; about Wetlands loss, restoration and the people and culture it affects. It features a great short film produced by the good folks at Bayou Grace, called Bayou Water Runs In Our Veins.… read on, mate!

Pyrates Ride The Higgins Boat


Mr. C.J. took the Pyrates out for a ride in his WWII Higgins Boat (Landing Craft).

This is how they stormed the beaches in Normandy (with a lot more people in the boat).

Visit Mr. C.J. and the many artefacts and working machines at the Regional Military Museum in Houma, LA – just a pleasant hour drive south o’ New Orleans!… read on, mate!

Wedding O’ The Year


It’s a rare occasion when two Pyrates get wed tie the knot (well, seriously married – there is the infamous “meaningful overnight relationship” wedding…) – and that’s just what happened in Pirates Alley on the 30th o’ March 2014. If ye missed it, ye missed out on a grand celebration; hosted by our good mates Tony & Thais – and their Crew – from Pirates Alley Café, officiated by the QM herself – Seika Hellbound – and light musical fare from the fine lads o’ The Whiskey Bay Rovers.… read on, mate!