Pyrates Ride The Higgins Boat


Mr. C.J. took the Pyrates out for a ride in his WWII Higgins Boat (Landing Craft).

This is how they stormed the beaches in Normandy (with a lot more people in the boat).

Visit Mr. C.J. and the many artefacts and working machines at the Regional Military Museum in Houma, LA – just a pleasant hour drive south o’ New Orleans!… read on, mate!

Wedding O’ The Year


It’s a rare occasion when two Pyrates get wed tie the knot (well, seriously married – there is the infamous “meaningful overnight relationship” wedding…) – and that’s just what happened in Pirates Alley on the 30th o’ March 2014. If ye missed it, ye missed out on a grand celebration; hosted by our good mates Tony & Thais – and their Crew – from Pirates Alley Café, officiated by the QM herself – Seika Hellbound – and light musical fare from the fine lads o’ The Whiskey Bay Rovers.… read on, mate!

Into The Wind


A hearty “THANK YE” to all the Crew, Artisans, Restaurants, Riders and Visitors who attended, promoted & supported the 6th Annual NOLA Pyrate Week (and 2nd Annual Houma Pyrate Day) – a grand time was had by all!

The week started with our usual gathering at Pirates Alley Café – and our genial hosts Thais ‘La Reina del Callejón’ Solano and Tony ‘ on, mate!