New Mates & Old

Our annual gathering at Pirates Alley Café was – as always – a grand time had by all. Thais, Tony & the Crew at Pirates Alley put out a great spread o’ food, drink & service! There were those mates who join & support  us every year, local crews (NOLA  Scallywags), numerous ‘civilians’, and a few wonderful surprises; especially our mates Ron & Jewels Rodriguez who we haven’t seen in some time and brought their Crew from California.… read on, mate!

Walking – No Planks

First, more news for Family Pyrate Day  Food & Other Goodies: Kona Ice, Cocoa & Cream Catering, Confetti Kids will be serving Red Beans & Rice, Hotdogs, baked treats & Kid friendly drinks! Be sure to explore the neighborhood and definitely visit our mates up the block at the historic Cita Dennis Hubbell Library (725 Pelican Avenue)…word has it, they’re hosting a special Treasure Hunt for the younger shipmates!… read on, mate!

GIVE Something Back

As ye may know, our official motto is: Take what ye can, GIVE  something back!™ We do our best to  stand by that and hope ye will to – supporting charitable groups that support and uplift the community. It’s not always about giving money (though that certainly helps), but often giving in other ways – time, energy, a kind ear to listen, sharing yer expertise…there are many ways to give back!… read on, mate!

The More, The Merrier

Things are coming together – as they’re bound to do – for our soon to be 9th annual adventure! A flock o’ new additions for Family Pyrate Day – Art, Artistry, History, Storytellers, Magic and good Fortune for the whole Family! Join us Sat. 25 March from 11am – 5pm as we take over the neighbourhood at Warrens Corner & The Old Point Bar – along with the HUGE Treasures From The Point porch sale throughout the Point!… read on, mate!