GIVE Something Back

As ye may know, our official motto is: Take what ye can, GIVE  something back!™ We do our best to  stand by that and hope ye will to – supporting charitable groups that support and uplift the community. It’s not always about giving money (though that certainly helps), but often giving in other ways – time, energy, a kind ear to listen, sharing yer expertise…there are many ways to give back!… read on, mate!

2016 So Many Adventures…

Copper-Everett-QM-02 “Pieces o’ Eight” was our banner for 2016 – our 8th official year o’ NOLA Pyrate Week – and what an adventure it was! New mates, new places, new monkeys…and finally connecting in person with some mates after many years! Our jolly crew was accompanied by our Master Gunner Weston ‘Irish’ Hurd (ye may catch him aboard the Creole Queen Paddlewheeler on the Chalmette tour) and our Ship’s Mate Copper Otter (who’s fingers are always busy making something wonderful & shiny) on her first adventure into the Gulf States!… read on, mate!

Good News For Wetlands

waxlake_2014298 During a parley with our musical mates The Whiskey Bay Rovers, they shared this good news with us; a wonderful example o’ how things CAN work when ye actually DO something about the problem! Have a look at this article and be sure to run the animation that shows land reclamation from 1987 through 2014 – and not just at the mouth o’ the delta, but inland too: Growing Land In The Atchafalaya Delta As ye know, we are very dedicated ambassadors for the restoration and preservation o’ wetlands – and especially in Louisiana where so much damage has been done by humans in such a short period.… read on, mate!

Pieces of Eight

NPW-8 Aye, mates – we’ve branded this year “Pieces Of Eight” as this be the lucky 8th year for NOLA Pyrate Week – and we hope ye join us as we gather in Louisiana! All manner o’ adventures await – history, culture, great food & drink and (as always) the chance to do give back to the communities & regions we love so much.… read on, mate!

A Message from the Founder o’

50States Our intrepid Crew o’ Pyrate Volunteers Our mate, Rick Prose, was responsible for founding – rebuilding homes/community in the Lower Ninth Ward o’ New Orleans. The Crew at NOLA Pyrate Week are proud to have supported & volunteered with this fine organization. Despite the fact they’ve returned more folks to their homes (on less budget) than any other similar organization, the work continues.… read on, mate!