Family Pyrate Day (Old Algiers)

algiers-river-pointJoin us and our mates Confetti Kids, for our first official community gathering across the river on “The Westbank”, in Algiers Point! 

Enjoy Family Pyrate Day” in a wonderful neighbourhood that is one o’ New Orleans best kept secrets!

Not only do we plan to have the usual Pyratical treasures, musical entertainment, food and jolly company, but we’re also joining the 13th Annual “Treasures From The Point” aka “the Porch Sale Of The Century” (over 90 families involved in New Orleans largest garage/porch sale)!

Confetti Kids are a community group based right in Algiers and among their other good deeds, are building safe play spaces for Kids (like the one at Confetti Park). They also work with the Confetti Park Players bringing music, stories, art and a good ol’ fun time to local Kids!

Artisans, Musicians, Storytellers & Buccaneers!

Family Pyrate Day
Saturday 25 March, 11am – 5pm

Old Point Bar/Warrens Corner
601 Patterson Rd. Algiers Point
(New Orleans, LA)

In accord with Confetti Kids / Confetti Park & hosted by Warren & the jolly crew at the historic Old Point Bar! Outdoor Merchants Market, Kids Activities, Storytellers, Live Music with Whiskey Bay Rovers, Food & Drink, walk along the Levee…and a generally grand time with yer mates! Support the community efforts o’ Confetti Kids with a helpful donation and don’t forget to tip the Bar Staff & the Band! Warrens Corner will become a “Kids Pub” with entertainment, food and more for the wee swabs – and collecting donations for Confetti Kids community projects – let’s build a (safe & artistic) playground!

The Kids Pub will feature crafts, colouring, local storytellers, musicians and a magic show!

Renowned Educator, Author & Illustrator, Ms. Karen Konnerth is bringing her world famous Calliope Puppets! Miss Bettie is bringing her fabulous Face Painting skills!

We also have a very special guest; renowned skeleton expert (and Karen’s Dad), Biologist Andrew Konnerth (95 years young) will display his Whale Bones & teach ye some Nautical Knots! Mr Konnerth & his Wife, Jean, have assembled a dozen full size whale skeletons for various Museums & displays – including “KOBO” – a 66-foot Juvenile Blue Whale for the Whaling Museum in New Bedford, MA.

  • 11 am – ZW Mohr (Desdemona’s Dream)
  • 11:30 am – Erin Rovin (Little Laveau – a Pirate Adventure)
  • 12 pm – Confetti Park Players (perform pirate songs)
  • 12:30 pm – Sam Staley (The Pirate of Panther Bay)
  • 1 pm – Dianne de Las Casas & John Couret (Captain Deadeye)
  • 2 pm – Ol’ Chumbucket (A Li’l Pirate’s A-B-Seas)
  • 2:30 pm – Captain John Swallow & QM Seika Hellbound (Pyrate Fact & Fiction)
  • 3 pm – The Yorkshire Dragon (Magic)
  • 3:30 pm – David Ray (Dem Bones)

We also have two special charities we’re helping support:

Algiers Point Lil’ Free Pantry: Come get your ‘pigture’ taken with Coco the Pyrate Pig. She will be at Larkin Park Saturday (25 Mar.) from 1pm – 3pm. Donate a non-perishable food item for our Algiers Point Lil Free Pantry and pose with our little scallywag.

Take what you need, Leave what you can. Share items that can make all the difference for a person in need, from things like dry pasta, canned fruit, cereal, and peanut butter, to diapers and baby formula.  615 Opelousas at the Community Garden. Visit the Facebook Group

Hungry For Music: Do you have instruments just gathering dust? Consider donating them to a child! The Hungry for Music bus will be at 601 Patterson on March 25, taking donations as part of the Treasures from the Point and Family Pyrate Day in partnership with Confetti Kids. Hungry for Music is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, dedicated to expanding opportunities in music for children. They collect and redistribute more than 500 instruments annually!

Supporting music education by distributing musical instruments to under served children with a hunger to play. Visit The Website

Food & Other Goodies: Kona Ice, Cocoa & Cream Catering, Confetti Kids will be serving Red Beans & Rice, Hotdogs, baked treats & Kid friendly drinks!

Be sure to explore the neighborhood and definitely visit our mates up the block at the historic Cita Dennis Hubbell Library (725 Pelican Avenue)…word has it, there’s a special Treasure Hunt being held there (for the younger shipmates).

Meet Davy Vain, our mate, special guest & Order of Leviathan recipient  – here to share some real Pyrate history about shipboard Sawbones (aka Barber/Surgeon/Dentist), history o’ Pyrate Flags and Language at sea (that still gets used on land). Come see his display o’ instruments, tools, weapons and the like…if yer lucky, maybe he’ll train ye as a Surgeon’s Apprentice!

Just across the river from the hustle & bustle o’ New Orleans is a quiet community with a long history – good and bad – as the second oldest part o’ City! Old Algiers was ‘founded’ by the French in 1719; o’ course the original Peoples were living there long before that because o’ the rich soil and plentiful fishing & hunting opportunities. The land was originally granted to Jean Baptiste LeMoyne (Sieur de Bienville) and noted for being part o’ the ‘King’s Plantation’ which stretched from Plaquemines all the way to Donaldsonville and up to Natchez, Mississippi. For a time, Algiers was home to the city’s Powder Magazine (Powder Street is named in memory o’ that today)!

Shipbuilding, sawmills, iron foundry, railroad yards and even the US Navy in 1848 are all part o’ the history here – o’ course Blaine Kern’s world famous “Mardi Gras World” was here for many years (as is Mr. Kern’s home). Later on Vaudeville Theatres and Dance Halls were staples o’ the entertainment in the area and the birthplace o’ much o’ the New Orleans Jazz sound!

Algiers Point was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978 and designated a local historic district in 1994.

Unless ye have yer own boat, the easiest way to get there is the Canal St./Algiers Ferry from the foot o’ Canal St. (Pedestrians & Bicycles only, every 30 minutes on the hour and half hour, $2/ride, $1/65+). O’ course ye can drive, or take the bus, across the bridge (aka “Crescent City Connection”, US-90). There IS a vehicular Ferry, but it’s over in Chalmette and lands in Lower Algiers…still a cheap trip, though at $2/vehicle+driver and $1/passenger). See our official MAP for these and other places.


There are a few spots to stay on “The Westbank” that are affordable and not far from Algiers Point, check with them directly or via yer favourite lodging search ( for example). Most have the usual discounts (AAA/CAA, AARP, Military, etc.):

  • Federal City Inn & Suites – 740 Hebert St, New Orleans, LA (504-366-7408) Website
  • Days Inn Gretna New Orleans – 100 Westbank Expressway , Gretna, LA (504-366-2361) Website
  • Knights Inn Gretna New Orleans West Bank – 100A Westbank Expressway , Gretna, LA (504-648-2143) Website