11th Annual Gathering o’ Pyrates

Aye…it’s been 11 years (officially) o’ NOLA Pyrate Week that we’ve been gathering the crew in New Orleans and traveling around Louisiana as “Benevolent Pyrates”. Ye know what they say, “Time flies when yer having RUM!”

We continue to be a loose gathering o’ like minded individuals who meet on this occasion to pass a good time, share tales o’ past and future adventures, eat, drink, discuss the history o’ this region and the Pyrates that made it…and spend time, energy and doubloons giving back where we’re able – supporting the community and forging many new friendships along the way.

We will be gathering at Pirates Alley Café on Friday evening (from  about 9 – 11pm) for the annual “Meet The Crew” festivities! Our most genial hosts, Thais & Tony will be providing light snacks to balance off a fine selection of ‘adult beverages’ (if ye ever thought to try Absinthe, this is the place) while we trade tales o’ adventure and perhaps a shanty or two.

The following day (Sat. 30 Mar.), bright – but not too early (11am) – join us across the river in Old Algiers for “Family Pyrate Day” in support o’ our mates Confetti Kids and hosted in part by One Stone Café (who have all manner o’ food and beverage for any meal o’ the day…aye, that includes strong coffee!) There’ll be a treasure hunt for smaller swabs, Pyrate Games, local Authors & Entertainers… Red Paw Leather will have a fantastic array of high quality, locally handmade, leather goods for sale (pyratical and otherwise) and don’t miss Lord Drake’s Mystic Magic Showa whacked out blend of comedy, sleight of hand and outrageous behavior! Most importantly, bring a donation o’ non-perishable food for the Algiers Point Lil Free Pantry ! Walk across (on the Ferry from the foot o’ Canal St.) or take a Taxi/Uber – it’s always worth the trip to The Point!

What’s more New Orleans than a Sunday morning Brunch at a French Café? Brunch (10am) with Pyrates at Le Croissant d’Or Patisserie, 617 Ursulines St. (between Royal & Chartres)! Afterward, perhaps a slow walk to visit some old mates…

We’ll be volunteering some time during the week to help our mates at ARC GNO sort & recycle Mardi Gras Beads – and heading into Barataria to share some real Pyrate history with inquiring young minds.

Of course there are other plans afoot…make sure yer on the official mailing list, follow our social media accounts and check this page.

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If ye’d like to spread the word, feel free to share this page – or these posters!

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