6th Annual NOLA Pyrate Week (2014)

Ahoy mates!

Louis-Maistros-pyrates-barracks-street2We are steadily focused on preparations for the SIXTH Annual NOLA Pyrate Week – bringing ye even more adventure than before! As ye may know, NOLA Pyrate Week was created to serve two main functions:

  • To give back to New Orleans & Louisiana by volunteering time and energy to rebuilding, restoring and preserving/promoting the communities and culture that have been loved by so many for generations. Sharing the history o’ this unique region with all who will listen.
  • To gather all manner o’ scallywags, rogues, rapscallions & rascals (and a large contingent o’ landlubbers) together for 10 days to discover the true nature o’ New Orleans & Louisiana while enjoying food, drink, entertainment, events and camaraderie!

All o’ this continues to be accomplished by volunteers, taking no profit and with the assistance o’ many Community groups, Businesses and other folk throughout Louisiana (and o’ course all those who share the info around the world). We’ve helped build houses, plant trees, clean Bayous, entertain seniors & children and raise awareness for a variety o’ causes & communities…and having a grand time with our mates besides!

bayou-treesWhile we always start off this adventure in the Vieux Carré o’ New Orleans starting March 28th, we also journey to other important and interesting places related to Pyrate history – especially the Bayous o’ South Louisiana! This coming spring we return again to visit our mates in Houma on Sat. April 5, for a special “Pyrate Day” – with activities, events, historical displays, live music, artisans and more…further details will be forthcoming. This is a beautiful and historic area and we strongly recommend ye spend a couple o’ days at least to take it all in – food, culture, music, wetland tours, fishing and more!

Clean off yer boots, sharpen yer wit, fill yer pouch with gold and join us for the grandest (and longest) week o’ the year; NOLA Pyrate Week! Take what ye can, GIVE something back!

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