A Share O’ The Treasure

Swag In The Sea Chest!

Avast, mates! It’s officially been a dozen years that we’ve been on this adventure!

From our first gatherings in New Orleans (post Federal Flood), helping rebuild & restore, to visiting locales across Louisiana; sharing Pyrate history and assisting/volunteering with community groups as we’re able. Acquaintances have become mates, mates have become family – and the rest, we haven’t met yet.

Ye all have been a massive help – supporting the effort, spreading the word and (we hope) sharing the true treasures in yer own communities! Of course, preserving history and culture have been a big part o’ the adventure as well; without these, what fun would it be?

So, for the first time in over a decade, we present…

As an option, ye can also get a couple of our other our other custom designed shirts/hoodies, including Le Baron (a tribute to New Orleans Voodoo).

All designs copyright; unauthorized reproduction will incur keel-hauling.

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