Avast! Swamp People & 2013 Poster

Avast ye scallawags! Heave to, scrape the barnacles off yer bottom and prepare the sloop for a run up the coast! The fifth annual NOLA Pyrate Week is busy planning adventures for ye filled with Rum, BBQ, Music and…well, MORE ADVENTURES!

rickey-gar-4-wm Have ye seen History Channel’s “Swamp People”? In it’s fourth season, this popular show is about to take a very interesting turn for the “real” in reality TV – our mate Rickey Verrett (aka “Bayou Fabio”™) is set to be the new star…and he’s not a Gator hunter! Rickey is a true son o’ the Bayou, descended from one o’ the original families o’ the Houma Nation, he lives, works, eats & sleeps in the Bayou. A master fisherman, Rickey hunts the only other thing in the Bayou as ancient and dangerous as Gators – Alligator Gar! gar-a-wm

These prehistoric monsters are the largest freshwater fish in N. America; often as large as 6 – 8 ft. and easily weighing 100 –  200 pounds (heaviest one on record was 365 lbs.). They have a long, flattened snout filled with hundreds o’ nail-like teeth, armoured bodies covered in serrated edged, knife-like scales (used by the Houma for arrowheads) and have been known to survive up to 2 hours out of the water! Read more about Rickey and his favourite prey at Capt. Wendy’s most excellent blog, Bayou Woman.

Join us in the historic town o’ Houma – Saturday, April 6 from 10am – 5pm at the Bayou Terrebonne Waterlife Museum; literally on the Bayou in the middle o’ town! Ye may meet Rickey, Capt. Wendy, listen to our official Pyrate band The Whiskey Bay Rovers, and peruse our Merchants & Artisans Market! (if yer interested in displaying yer work at the Market, contact us immediately, spaces are limited!)

So, mates…without further fanfare, here is our 2013 poster for yer perusal – click it and feel free to share, print, display it everywhere – and join us for our many adventures (far too many to mention on a small poster – subscribe on the right and stay up to date with all the happenings)


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