“Beasts Of The Southern WIld” – The Reality

“Beasts Of The Southern Wild” is a great film – which is apparently even being acknowledged in Hollyweird with 4 Oscar nominations.

It’s also about real people in a real place close to our hearts – and it should be close to everyones!

One o’ our most important missions with NOLA Pyrate Week (and as Pyrates o’ the New World in general) is to educate, support and work at restoring & protecting wetlands & waterways. South Louisiana has lost nearly 200,000 sq. MILES o’ coastland in less than 30 years (caused by human interference & irresponsible industry). THIS is why there is saltwater intrusion, invasive species and 9-12 foot storm surges (aka “Tidal Wave”) washing up the Bayous! These lands have seen generations o’ Farmers, Hunters, Fishers, Artisans, Herbalists and Historians – and several cultures that must be preserved and carried on.

In addition to this is the fact that none o’ the indigenous peoples – Houma, Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw, Pointe au Chien – are “federally recognized” is a despicable/ridiculous situation propagated by the usual facts; mostly land theft…but that’s another story in itself.

Click here to read more about this at Earth Island Journal.

…and if ye haven’t seen this film, ye should!

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