Belay That Last Order!

Moved? Who moved?

This has already been an odd year – so, who says we can’t make a wee shift in plans just this once?

Due to leap year and such, things are a bit out of sync, so – we’re shifting our “week”! Usually we’re “the last weekend in Mar. to the first weekend in Apr.”, but we’re officially shifting just this time to “the first weekend in APRIL (starting Fri. 3 April) to the second weekend in April”. We’ll still mange to fit in some community service and sharing history, knowledge and such with our mates!

As it stands, Family Pyrate Day in Algiers won’t change, it’s set for Sat. 4 April – and our annual gathering at Pirates Alley Café will occur the Friday night before that (3 Apr. 9pm).

So there ye have it, carved in…well, “ether”, but it stands nonetheless! Tighten the rigging, fill the hold, hoist the sheets and find that horizon!

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