Boil The Kettle & Hoist Yer Mug!

What’s a Pyrate’s favourite beverage?

RUM, obviously…but there be many a time when even Rum won’t do – and for those times, there’s COFFEE!

Many similarities between the two, ye know – naturally darker colour, must come from the best ingredients, takes a skilled hand to make a great batch, stronger the longer it sits, mixing other things into it often tends to ruin the flavour (with a few exceptions), a good pick-ye-up in the morning (well, to be fair, someone else may have to pick ye up if yer full o’ Rum in the morning). Both have, at various times, been condemned as “the Devil’s drink”, both came to The New World across the seas and into the Caribbean…and the rest, as they say, is history!

[su_quote cite=”Justina Chen, North of Beautiful”]Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better.[/su_quote]

Now, when we say Coffee, we mean REAL Coffee – not that watered down, overpriced, under flavoured, coated in plastic oil, bilge ye get so many places these days! REAL Coffee – fresh roasted beans from across the globe, ground on the spot, steeped in fresh boiled water and poured into the heavy ceramic Mug o’ yer choosing! Aye, that’s the stuff…the first sip like liquid doubloons!

Savour that note for a moment…and welcome aboard our newest sponsor:

[su_button url=”http://www.jororoco.com” target=”blank” style=”noise” background=”#000000″ color=”#f3d702″ size=”6″ icon=”icon: coffee” text_shadow=”1px 1px 1px #000000″]The Jolly Roger Roasting Company! [/su_button]



Pyrates brought and traded Coffee to the New World, so who more appropriate than Pyrates to provide it to ye now? Like all good Pyrates, Andrew, Ryan, Patrick and their simian sidekick, Joro (that’s him above), have sailed far and wide with their Crew to find their treasure – in this case, the best Coffee beans available from around the world. They sail it home to the Pacific Northwest (Oregon) and their secret lair where the beans are placed in the ‘Carronade’ – an American made Coffee roaster that handles 7 pounds o’ fresh beans at a time (using custom settings based on each bean’s flavour profile).

The crew at Jolly Roger promise ye three things that separate them from the masses:

  • Always roasted fresh as ye order it and delivered directly to ye
  • Small batch, single origin, beans hand selected & imported directly from heritage farms, never blended
  • Roasted to bring out the maximum flavor of the bean origin; never a generic “roast flavor”

Well, there is a fourth: they’re Pyrates!

Now, here’s the best bit. As sponsors, The Jolly Roger Roasting Company is kindly supplying us with several one pound bags o’ their finest, freshest, beans for Houma Pyrate Day – where the funds from each bag sold will go to support our mates at Keep Terrebonne Beautiful. Ye get to support a great organization doing fine work in this Bayou Community AND ye get to discover the joy o’ sipping the some o’ the best Coffee around! Information will be available for ye to parley with the JRRC Crew and arrange for more o’ their fine beans to be delivered directly to yer door – ye can even have it scheduled to arrive so ye never run out!

As an extra bonus, read the Jolly Roger guide on “Brewing The Best Cup Of Coffee” – obviously, by starting with the best beans!

Like us, the Crew are ‘Social Pyrates’, so ye can follow their adventures on Twitter, Google+, Facebook – and o’ course, their website.


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