Bully In The Alley

Mark yer logbooks – Friday, 24 March 2017 at about 9pm – Meet The Crew at Pirates Alley Café & Olde Absinthe House! For 9 years our official meeting spot for NOLA Pyrate Week!

Our good mates & genial Landlords, Thais Solano & Tony Seville, once again host our gathering in their cosy corner o’ New Orleans! One o’ the most historical corners in the city; the meeting o’ Church, State & Alcohol…built on the old Calaboso where Pyrates were held if caught/convicted in the area – the very place where a number of the Laffite crew were held just prior to their release during the Battle o’ New Orleans. Don’t worry, we carry Letters o’ Marque and (more importantly), Proclamation 19, the Presidential Pardon, exonerating “certain inhabitants of Barataria” from any “wrongdoing” for their defense o’ the City. 

[su_quote cite=”US President James Madison, ‘Proclamation 19′”]…they have exhibited in the defense of New Orleans unequivocal traits of courage and fidelity.[/su_quote]

Light snacks are provided by our hosts – don’t miss the Rum Cake – and avail yerself o’ the fine beverages inside. If yer looking to dance with the Green Fairy, this is the place; not just the best Absinthe available, but filtered through 100 year old drips!

Come join our celebration as we welcome one and all from across the Seven Seas, Pyrates, Privateers, Sailors, Soldiers, Merchants and Landlubbers alike! Check our Official Map for this and other notable locations across the City & Louisiana. 

I’m sure a couple o’ ye are questioning the title “Bully In The Alley”, or possibly misinterpreting it. The reference is to an ol’ work song – a halyard shanty – that may in fact have originated on the docks o’ New Orleans! The context o’ language is always important and in this case, the historical context. The term “Bully” has quite the opposite meaning it does today; in the vernacular o’ the time it meant Fine, Grand, and for seafarers ashore, it often meant “I’ve had quite a lot to drink, I’m feeling wonderfully tipsy, and me mates have stashed me in the nearby alley while they carry on”.

While we always encourage having a grand time and availing yerself o’ the local pleasures, we also advise a modicum o’ responsible behaviour – for yer own safety if nothing else. Remember, though ye can go walkabout in the French Quarter with yer libation, be sure it’s in a plastic “Go Cup” (or a tankard for them what has ’em).

With that, we leave ye with a spectacular version o’ the song, led by John Bromley of Kimber’s Men.

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