Dogs, Dingus & Debauche!

Who says a Monday can’t be entertaining?
This morning we visit Old Algiers and take o’er the Hubbell Library with our good mates Ol’ Chumbucket & Confetti Park Players…history & literacy & Pyrates, oh my!

This evening we journey to Villalobos Rescue Center (just under the Claiborne lift bridge) for some volunteer dog walking and dropping off a few donations. We visited the new Tayho retail shop on Decatur St. (in the French Quarter) and encourage ye to do the same – every purchase supports the shelter (plus ye get to meet some o’ the wonderful folks who work so hard rescuing & caring for dogs).
For many folks, today is Easter Monday. For many Polish & Ukrainian folks, it’s Dyngus Day – fun, food, frivolity…and the fabulous music o’ Debauche! If ye wish to join in the fun (which is highly recommended), get to Siberia on St. Claude Ave. any time after 7pm. The G-String Orchestra plays at 7:30pm and Debauche starts at 9pm. A small $5 cover includes traditional food.

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