Follow The Adventures – With Technology

AVAST…we’ve been looking for a reasonably simple way for folks to keep in close touch during NOLA Pyrate Week and otherwise follow along.

telegram-logoThere be an app for that: Telegram seems to be the answer!

Telegram is free, secure, no ads, and cross platform messaging system – it works on Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone, PC, or a web version! It will synchronize yer messages on all devices (so ye never miss ’em), allows for file transfer, “secret chats” with a timed self-destruct option…and it’s all “in the cloud” (meaning it won’t clog yer device up)! Keeps yer info private (if ye don’t set a “nickname” it’s even more private). Works with WiFi or Data.

So mates, here’s the rub:

  1. Install Telegram on yer (mobile) device and start it.
  2. To register it ye need a single name and phone number (it’ll send a text with a special code…drop that in the box).
  3. Click the search and type in pyrates (or click this special link) – ye’ll see the Captain’s smiling face – click on it and text AHOY!
  4. Go here from yer device and join the crew!

It’s a bit o’ a “social experiment” on our part to keep in touch with ye all…


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