Goodchildren Parade Needs Yer Help!

Easter Parade Needs Foster Parents

Adorable, somewhat unruly 2-year old is in need of help.

It is with a breaking heart that I report it looks like my beloved little Easter Parade might have to go into foster care for a while.

Now we all know that it takes a village to raise a child. As its single parent, I have become increasingly unable to provide for all its care and feeding.

Between the Saints and Mardi Gras and the recession, support for the parade has fallen off (we’re already down $400 from last year), and it can no longer be brought up in the style to which it has become accustomed. We believe in angels, and hope they manifest themselves soon.

Please let me know, by Wednesday noon, if you can help. Specific suggestions below.

Mama Kathy

P.S. We’re still planning on a Doll Party this Saturday, and will never abandon the Good Friday party; both events make us happy and remind us why we had this baby in the first place!

Specific suggestions:

1) Raise $100 from an entirely new source (current list available).

We need at least $2,000 total, and the most I can actually count on right now is $300. Drop dead date is March 26 for police, and March 29 for insurance. But there are certain steps that need to be taken immediately (permit, promotion) — and I need to be sure before I put out the money and resources.

2) Raffle prizes and tickets.

We need some BIG prizes, and to sell at least $400 in tickets by March 25.

3) Time + transport during the week to run/help run errands, help with flyering, etc.

I’m available, just takes a long time to walk everywhere!

4) Let us know you care. By tomorrow. Please. We love you!

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