Help A Mate

New As Old - Lawrence HenleyOur New Orleans mate Larry Henley has been severely injured in a traffic accident – head trauma, skull fracture, memory loss (and other scrapes & bruises). He was in Intensive Care for three days and the Med. Staff were not sure he’d be OK…thankfully he’s a tough ol’ Pyrate! He’s a grand fellow and a fine photographer. His day job doesn’t pay a lot and he’ll be off work for some weeks. Crewmember Dawn “Sureshot” Carl is doing what she can to help him recover and cover medical expenses.

Give what ye can, mates…and if yer near New Orleans, get in touch with Dawn and see what aid ye can offer!

Larry was riding his bike home from work in the rain, when a lady, getting out of her car, opened her door without looking. Larry slammed into the car door and was thrown off his bike and into the street, resulting in a skull fracture. He was brought into ER with bleeding on his brain, and was in ICU for three days. Two of them on a ventilator. He is now out of ICU, but appears to have some balance problems, and some short term memory problems. He will recover..but in the meantime this will be a huge financial setback for him, when he was just starting to get ahead again. He has no insurance through his work, and his medical bills will be through the roof. He will be unable to return to work for two to three weeks, and as a person living paycheck to paycheck this really will cause him to have no money for rent/food/etc in addition to the medical bills. We will go through the normal channels to see what help the hospital can offer in the way of financial assistance, however, based on his past income, we know they won’t cover all of it. Larry also has no family, except those of us who choose to help a friend because sometimes, it’s the just the thing to do. As his roommate, I am reaching out to others to see if we can lend him a hand.

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