Avast mates, it’s International Talk Like a Pyrate Day (as it is every 19 Sept.)!

chrissie-warren-finalfrontCreated by our mates John ‘Ol Chumbucket’ Baur & Mark ‘Cap’n Slappy’ Summers – who are presently raid…er…visiting the coast o’ California in honour o’ #ITLAPD – AND, the launch o’ Chumbucket’s new Pyrate tale, “Chrissie Warren: Pirate Hunter”; available in a very limited edition, signed hardcover (or paperback & eBook).

We’re off to the port o’ Hamilton (Ontario, Canada) today to teach some folks about real Pyrate history…if ye know any needin’ a refresher course, send ’em our way and we”ll straighten ’em out! Speakin’ o’ TEACH…check out these videos by our mate Rick Allen & the crew at Nautilus Productions – underwater archaeology o’ Blackbeard’s flagship, The Queen Anne’s Revenge!

We wish ye all fair winds, following seas, full tankards – and enough adventure to make life interesting. May ye be safe on all yer journeys, have good mates to accompany ye, a steady ship and a good map. Fine Rums & Ales, good music, the best food and fresh water whene’r ye need it.

Remember the code…even if it be “more like…guidelines”, we’re the new breed of Pyrate and have more of a care for our fellow beings, the great blue ball we sail on and believe in a fair share for all (except those who bring harm/disrespect to others)!

Take what ye can…GIVE something back!™

Capt. John Swallow & QM Seika Hellbound


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