ITLAPD On The Horizon

September 19th is on the horizon – International Talk Like A Pirate Day (as if ye didn’t know)…and it seems our mate Ol’ Chumbucket (who, in league with our mate Cap’n. Slappy is co-founder o’ the aforementioned Day) has been busy since moving back to land (in a secret location, somewhere near New Orleans, Louisiana).

Apparently a meeting o’ rogues in some dark tavern, somewhere on the border between Louisiana and Mississippi, Ol’ Chumbucket had a parley with our musical mate Tom Mason and The Blue Buccaneers (someone left ’em on a cold beach once…they never quite recovered). The result, o’ said parley? What else, but several tankards o’ Rum…and a rollicking good theme song for International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Enjoy!

[weaver_youtube U8_NlNSINbA]

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