Kilo, XRay, Yankee

The year is 2023. Who (besides The Jetsons) would’ve imagined we’d ever write such a futuristic statement?

Indeed, here we are well into the 21st century – and many things haven’t changed for the better since the 17th century. While we still send what support we’re able to New Orleans (and Louisiana generally), we feel the current state of affairs in the City of N.O. is not amenable to our annual gathering. Low wages, few hours, and high rents have forced many of our mates to leave the city they love for greener pastures. Short Term Rental properties have taken over entire neighbourhoods, while complaining that the very culture they claim to admire is “disruptive”!

It’s not all bad, though! Things are in the works behind the scenes to make 2024 the year to commemorate our favourite Pyrates/Privateers; Jean Laffite, Renato Beluche, Dominique You, Barthéleme Lafon…and all the crew! We can’t say much more at this point, so ye’ll have to trust us. Ye do trust Pyrates, don’t ye?!?

Stay in touch, let us know how ye sail, and ye’ll be the first to know where to find the treasure!

A few of ye more landlubbery types are likely wondering about the title… This is a reference to International Maritime Flags.

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