Meet The Crew – 2018

NOLA Pyrate Week wouldn’t be complete without our annual gathering at Pirates Alley Café & Olde Absinthe House! Proprietors, Thais & Tony have been strong supporters o’ this venture from the beginning – and valued members o’ our Crew.

Friday night (30 March) at 9pm, join us in Pirates Alley as we celebrate our Tenth Year and salute Pyrates & Privateers, past & present, with drinks, light snacks and camaraderie – ye never know who might sail in from across the 7 seas!

Dress for the occasion, fill yer pouch with doubloons, bring yer tall tales o’ adventure and a thirst for history (and some grand libations poured by the fine Staff o’ the Café). The snacks are free as long as ye buy a drink (and tip the Staff generously)…the friendship is given freely.

NOTE: We will be having a second gathering here on the evening o’ Friday, 6 April for those attending Family Pyrate Day the following morning.

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