Congratulations! Yer craft is appreciated and we’re happy to reserve ye a space!

Merchants are required to be there from 10:15 – 5pm. Setup time is any time after 8:30am and afore 10am – no later than 10:15am, please be prompt.

This be the near final step (beyond showing up)…payment.The minimum donation is $30 for a SINGLE 10×10 area or $50 for a double 20×10 (if yer a real show-off ye can acquire a triple space for $80). Please double check before final payment or ye will only be allotted one space.
There is no power available and ye must bring yer own tent, chairs & tables!

Major credit cards, some debit cards & PayPal accepted.
(if ye need to pay in gold, contact us immediately to make arrangements).

Absolute deadline for payment is Sat. Mar. 31, 11pm CST

** NOTE: There are no refunds for any reason. Merchant fees may be split between our designated charities & expenses.

Yer name or yer Business