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We are heartily grateful for the support offered by these fine folk – they are valued members o’ the “Extended Crew”. Consider anyone on this page as carrying our seal o’ approval (Pyrate Approved™) – click the logos to visit their websites & support their stock in trade!

Organizing any event of this size can be a daunting task – and does require a certain amount of support; both financial and otherwise. We are most appreciative of anyone who can assist us by donating to the cause – all potential sponsors are considered for their merits. Yer financial donations help with things like housing/feeding volunteers, assisting in transportation costs and even paying performers (so any cover charge go to the charities while attracting more folks to the cause) .

If yer willing to help the cause, we’re inclined to parley an accord to see what we might do for ye in return. At the least, supporters have their logo featured here with a link to their site. Full Sponsors receive further promotion; including posts on the website & social media, logo on posters or print media, mentions in other media (news, Radio, TV, etc.), their flyer or other promotional material available at merchant markets or events, inclusion in volunteer packages and of course our undying gratitude (spreading the word across the worldwide Pyrate Community)…and the right to hoist our colours on yer business as “Pyrate Approved™” (further encouraging them what has the gold & silver to spend it in yer establishment).

If ye’d like to assist the cause, please contact us using the email form
and let us know the particulars, we’ll be sure and parley!

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Annual Sponsor
Pirates Alley Café
Annual Sponsor
Annual Sponsor
Confetti Park
Bayou Woman Adventures
Annual Sponsor
Annual Sponsor

Ye may make a general donation to NOLA Pyrate Week…Donations o’ yer doubloons are greatly appreciated and assist the crew in helping others. We put everything we have into this gathering – all our treasure goes back into the local economy; one way or the other! We do occasionally find ourselves a might short & yer doubloons help with costs associated with the basics – transportation, meals, the occasional bar o’ soap…and on rare occasions, crossing the palm o’ the right people to make things go smoothly! We are not-for-profit (though nothing official) and are always grateful to those who support us – and we’ll always support ye in yer endeavours…often ye’ll get a couple o’ our own doubloons in return! Click the coin to help…

Our crew mates: Master Gunner Weston ‘Irish’ Hurd, First Mate Copper Otter, Capt. Wendy Wilson Billiot (aka ‘The Bayou Woman‘) & Crew, Tony ‘Cadillac’ Seville & Thais ‘Reina del Callejón’ Solano, Polly Watts (aka “Polly Wannakraken”) & The Avenue Pub, Katy Hobgood Ray & Confetti Kids, Mayor Tim  Kerner (Town of Jean Laffite), Louis & Ashlee Michot (et la famille), Lara Arceneaux (Fisher Middle Public School), George ‘Loki’ Williams III, Colby Hébert (The Cajun Hatter), Stef “The Dectaur Dragon” McClain, Ricky ‘Big Chief Running Late’ Verrett (aka ‘Bayou Fabio’), Maman Miriam Chamani, New Orleans Krewe Of Pirates, John & Joanne Malinski, Kathy Connolly (aka “Katy 9 Tales”) …and so many more!