New Orleans Book Festival

NOLA Pyrate Week is proud to both sponsor & participate in the New Orleans Book Festival inside the amazing  Audubon Zoo on Saturday, March 19 from 10am – 5pm. The Book Festival is bringing together authors, educators, readers (and potential readers) in one of the world’s most beautiful Zoos for a day to enjoy everything that reading can bring to ye!

As it happens, appropriately enough, it’s also Earth Fest at the Zoo!

Two of our good mates – Captain Wendy Billiot from Bayou Dularge & Jake Webber from Baton Rouge are joining us to promote wetlands restoration/preservation, history – and their excellent books related to each! Signed copies will be available as will a limited number of copies o’ Kenneth W. Mulder’s fantastic, factual & artistic book Piracy: Days Of Long Ago featuring the art of Howard Pyle, Richard Becker, Rick Reeves& Gene Packwood.

Captain Wendy Wilson Billiot, “Before The Saltwater Came”

Both inspired by the beauty of and discouraged by the death of an old cypress grove, I decided to write a book about it. The book was released in February of 2005, the same year as the infamous Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

In this full color children’s picture book, an old otter spins the tale of how she has witnessed the disappearance of her beloved marsh over her lifetime. The otter represents all the residents of coastal Louisiana who still witness the yearly loss of valuable wetland habitat.

Jake Webber, “Lafitte’s Black Box”

When he can no longer control what is real and what is imagined, Deveraux Parker realizes that his dream has become reality.
Discovering a box that has been buried for two centuries, he finds himself on a quest for Lafitte’s treasure through modern day New Orleans.
Since moving to the Big Easy, Parker has had a hard time fitting in and finding friends, but as events unravel, he makes some unsavory pals and begins an unexpected adventure taking him to the oldest and most mysterious places in old New Orleans. The past and present collide as he tries to escape from his dream before he becomes part of the past.

We will be raising funds for the wetlands; for a group in Captain Wendy’s community in Terrebone Parish: The Barataria-Terrebonne Estuary Foundation

Come join us…and meet many other local authors & readers. Who knows, ye might even learn something!


New Orleans Book Fest Audubon Discount
** If ye've read this far, ye deserve a reward - here's a discount coupon ye can print and use to save on admission for up to four people into the Zoo - or any o' the other spectacular Audubon attractions! Clcik to open, right click to save.

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