A New Rum Ye Say? Well, Just A Swallow…

As Pyrates, we are fortunate to see a lot o’ interesting places and meet some interesting folks! Often, folks approach us – sometimes just to say “Ahoy!”, but sometimes, to gather our invaluable opinions & advice.

So it is with the fine folks at Bones Rum, from down in the US Virgin Islands (once the home o’ infamous Pyrate and our good mate, Ol’ Chumbucket and his Crew). After a few negotiations, we made an accord…stay tuned for more on THAT and news o’ the 11th annual NOLA Pyrate Week in a future post! (ye ARE on The List, aye?)

Bones Rum is relatively new to the world, but only in the sense o’ the brand itself – inspired and guided by Caribbean recipes for Rum dating back hundreds of years, Bones is true to it’s heritage. Packaged in an attractive bottle reminiscent o’ the 18th century and emblazoned with the skull & crossbones, it’s clearly meant to attract the eye…but then, how else do ye stand out among the many other brands on a shelf?

An important point here: by definition, BONES is an Aged Dark Rum, but it picks up layers and layers of flavour from the different barrels that it sits in – they actually use 3 different charred barrels; French Oak, American Oak and Cherry Wood. NOTHING IS ADDED – the hints of vanilla, caramel, dried fruit, citrus, etc. occur naturally due to the unique ageing process!

The true test o’ any Rum, is in the tasting – and for that, have a listen, as the Captain rambles through his review!

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