NOLA Pyrate Week 2011

we believe in New OrleansAvast ye rogues & scallawags, ’tis that time again! Time to gather yerselves & yer crew together and come join us in New Orleans for some grand fun & good work. Mark yer charts from Friday, March 25 thru Sunday, April 3…more news to follow as agreements are tendered and parlay continues!

We’ve been a bit slow on the draw, but seas have been rough and many a detour has slowed progress – from problems in the Gulf to the passing of me own dear Mother after months of hospitalization. Rest assured, we are on track and moving for’ard!

We hope to have as many of ye as are able come joins us and see, taste, hear & experience the history & culture of New Orleans and Louisiana!

For those who’ve asked, the plan at this point is to stick to the plan as before – major events to be the first weekend, volunteers during the week, more casual events the last weekend – with plenty o’ time for adventures (planned or otherwise) in between!

If ye’ve questions, hail us and we’ll do our best to answer them!

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