Pieces of Eight

Aye, mates – we’ve branded this year “Pieces Of Eight” as this be the lucky 8th year for NOLA Pyrate Week – and we hope ye join us as we gather in Louisiana!

All manner o’ adventures await – history, culture, great food & drink and (as always) the chance to do give back to the communities & regions we love so much. We plan to volunteer with our mates at Villalobos Rescue Center to walk some shelter dogs, raising awareness and funds for wetlands restoration & preservation in the Bayou and and education day…while passing a good time with our mates from across the seven seas. Our adventures take us through New Orleans (8th year), Barataria (3rd year) & Houma (4th year)…and other probable locations – fun up to yer Buccaneers!

Trim yer sails, book yer lodgings, hoist the anchor and find that horizon – whether ye sail up the Gulf o’ Mexico, float down the Mississippi or find yer way here by other means, don’t miss out! Who knows…ye may find yer own gold doubloon!

Be sure to keep up with the website and Twitter especially as they are most frequently updated (tell yer mates to join ye!).

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