Dammit Jim, I’m A Pyrate Not A Doctor!

As we move forward with preparations for our 9th annual gathering and first “Family Pyrate Day” in Old Algiers Point, we’d like ye to meet our mate, Davy Vain – our special guest at Algiers Point & recipient o’ the Order of Leviathan (that means many other Pyrates think he’s a fine fellow and making a good contribution to society). 

Mr. Vain, like us, is a Pyrate “Privateer ” AND an Historian – and brings his knowledge o’ life at sea to share with one and all. True history is always far more interesting than what folks make up about it and Davy brings it to life in  colourful fashion, complete with the relevant tools o’ the trade! What do Barbers, Surgeons & Carpenters have in common aboard a Pyrate Ship? Find out…along with the history o’ infamous Pyrate flags, words and phrases that traveled from sea to land and a smattering (or splattering?) o’ true tales from the seven seas!

Davy Vain travels throughout the Nation sharing the true history o’ life at sea (especially as it applies to the Seas around The Americas) and is part o’ the fine folks at the Colonial Seaport Foundation, preserving history by keeping it alive in the minds and hands o’ young people!

Keep apprised o’ the Family Pyrate Day page as things change!

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