Pyrates & Posters and…Pageants? Oh, Aye!

Here it is, mates – the 2012 poster – large enough to whet yer appetite, small enough to travel & post everywhere!

Click to view, or click here to open full size – 1MB (save & print 8.5 x 11).
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NOLA Pyrate Week 2012 poster

Aye, ye heard me – Pageant. The first ever Louisiana Pyrate Wench Pageant – complete with skill testing questions, esteemed judges, a custom designed crown covered in sparkling Swarovski crystals and a bevy o’ wonderful wenches! Proceeds to help support wetlands preservation & restoration in South Louisiana.

Did we mention the crown? Read more here…

Louisiana Pyrate Wench Crown
Louisiana Pyrate Wench Crown - Custom Desinged by American Dream Pageants for NOLA Pyrate Week

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