Restore Louisiana Now!

restore-louisiana-now-logoJohn Barry, President o’ Restore Louisiana Now has his cannon loaded and aimed squarely at those largely responsible for the destruction o’ the South Louisiana Coast – “Big Oil”. In the space o’ one person’s lifetime, Louisiana has watched more than 1800 square miles o’ land melt into the Gulf o’ Mexico – roughly the landmass in the State o’ Delaware! The oil companies have dredged 10,000 miles of canals in the Louisiana wetlands so far – longer than the lengths of the Amazon and Mississippi rivers combined. Mr. Barry has had a lawsuit drawn up naming 97 Oil Companies and their subsidiaries as being in violation o’ the very contracts they signed when they were handed permits for oil drilling & exploration!

It’s a shame, though, that yet one more non-profit has to be formed to protect coastal Louisiana. (Capt. Wendy Wilson-Billiot)

John Barry was a board member o’ the recently formed Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East, but upon speaking up to insist those responsible for “breaking” the coastline be the ones responsible for fixing it (and paying for it, NOT the already stressed taxpayers), he was removed/replaced by Gov. Bobby Jindal (as was another supporting member).

We encourage ye to watch this statement and support this and every organization fighting for the survival o’ Louisiana…before it’s too late.


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