Rice Is Nice – Especially When It’s Purple!

Blanca-Isabel-Purple-Rice-posterAye, ye read that right, PURPLE Rice – and it’s quite possibly the best rice ye’ll ever eat! Pyrate Approved™ since 2013 (when we first discovered it).

This miracle o’ nature “sprouted” in 1998 thanks to the efforts o’ Dr. M.C. Rush and the bright minds at Louisiana State University Agricultural Center. It is a strain produced the old fashioned way – through breeding lines – not only maintaining the natural goodness o’ rice in general, but enhancing it greatly! This rice is naturally grown by small scale Louisiana Farms; 100% Whole Grain, Organic, Gluten and GMO free, no chemicals added and is the only purple kernel variety available in the United States that has American Long-Grain quality.

Named “Blanca Isabel“, this rice is a new high yielding, early long-grain rice variety and o’ course the most noticeable difference; it’s purple! Blanca Isabel has a dark purple to black bran layer (the inner protective layers on a rice grain), but is notable because that colour continues through to to grain itself – so when the kernels are milled, they retain a purple to lavender colour, depending on the degree of milling. The colour is due to anthocyanin compounds in the kernels (primarily cyanidin-3-O-glucoside and peonidin-3-O-glucoside) known for their bioactive properties and recognized as health-enhancing substances due to their antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, anti-atherogenic, and anti-hypoglycemic effects…Blanca Isabel has shown a higher antioxidant level than Blueberries or Green Tea!

purple-rice-on-plateNow a nice looking rice is all well and good, the important thing is, how does it taste? Well, that mates, is the best part! The flavour is similar to an excellent quality long grain rice – rich, buttery flavour with a hint o’ “nuttiness” (like a wild rice), tender and moist like the best cooked rice should be. It cooks the same – in a pot or rice cooker (2:1 ratio, water to rice) and can be used in yer favourite rice dish, or any new ones ye’d like to try. As some o’ ye may know, the QM is also a Chef – and mighty particular about what she cooks, serves & eats – by the second forkful, Blanca Isabel became her absolute favourite Rice! The Captain is in complete agreement…deliciously Pyrate Approved™

The Rush family own all rights to the breeding line and continue to manage and market their rice. It is available in 3 lb. bags in many locations across Louisiana (Rouse’s Supermarkets carry it) – and now available across North America through Amazon.com

For more information, visit the Rush Rice Products, LLC Website; http://purpleblackrice.com

Rush Rice Products, LLC are Official Sponsors o’ NOLA Pyrate Week and have generously donated to the cause!

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