Sailing Into The Sunrise…

Another fantastic series o’ adventures behind us, we thank all who joined us from near and far – and all who supported us in time, energy and spirit!

We managed to catch up with a few more mates than usual, make new ones and renew old alliances. Visits across New Orleans, Chalmette, Houma, Terrebonne Parish and beyond…food, drink, music and camaraderie…BBQ, Boudin & Beignets…and o’ course, RUM.

Some o’ our mates have been writing some fine articles about us – and others are still in the works – anything that helps educate and promote our cause is well appreciated! All o’ these folks are sites ye should follow and read regularly; they have good insight into what’s really happening out there. The fine crew at NOLA Defender wrote this…our own crew member, Captain Wendy, posted this on her blog, followed by some lovely photos o’ the wetlands.

Time to regroup, get photos processed and plan the next series o’ adventures…more to come soon…



Sailing Into The Sunrise… — 2 Comments

  1. Showing my ignorance here, but what the heck is in that photo? Makes me eager with anticipation for the rest of the photos of your adventure back to da bayou! Looking forward to reading your recount and seeing all the photos.

    • Well, that’s half the fun…making folk guess! It’s a cannonball with crossed trumpet vine flowers.

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