Save The Bayou

edd_8361Our mate, Capt. Wendy Wilson Billiot has a powerful new post on her site, Bayou Woman ~ Life in the Louisiana Wetlands; about Wetlands loss, restoration and the people and culture it affects. It features a great short film produced by the good folks at Bayou Grace, called Bayou Water Runs In Our Veins.

Several local mates appear it in, including Capt. Wendy – we’ll let ye go over there and read it all.

This is one o’ our primary concerns – not just during NOLA Pyrate Week, but everyday. We ALL need to pay attention to wetlands loss and destruction wherever we live and DO whatever we are able to rescue & restore this most valuable source o’ LIFE.

Sadly, South Louisiana is one o’ the world’s greatest tragedies…severe landloss due to mis-management of canal dredging in the name of “Oil & Gas Exploration”, which begat more intense storm surges, which begat saltwater intrusion and invasive plant species…a loss of more than 30 square miles per year! Louisiana accounts for approximately 40% of the US wetlands – and experiences 90% of the coastal wetland loss in the lower 48 states.

60% of Louisiana’s land loss occurs in the Barataria and Terrebonne basins, where this video was filmed.

A few references:

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