Help Save The New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple

Avast mates – time to trim the sails and haul together!

MiriamOur beloved mate, Maman Miriam Chamani, Priestess o’ The New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple for these past two and a half decades, has suffered a disaster by fire.

In the early hours o’ Monday morning (1 Feb, 2016), what appears to be an electrical fire enflamed the historic Creole Cottage on N. Rampart Street. Most importantly, no one was hurt! However, the shop, Cultural Centre and Botanica were completely destroyed by fire and water. The structure has sustained damage to the doors, windows and roof – as well as much water damage from the fire department’s hoses. Thankfully, it seems much o’ the Temple Room itself was unscathed – the many sacred objects, tributes and statuary are being carefully removed to restore and repair (a few were lost). We thank the NOFD for their swift and effective response – without them, things would have been much worse.

This is about so much more than just a building. While the building is historic, it’s place in the Community reaches back through the centuries to the Houngan & Mambo of yesteryear, caring for their neighbours with medicinal herbs, tinctures and salves, listening to their troubles, offering prayers and support to all who asked. Miriam is the embodiment o’ those who came before her, she carries their spirit, their culture & traditions and shares these with the world. When we speak of the “Community”, we don’t just mean the immediate neighbourhood, Miriam’s Community reaches around the world and back – there are many who know and love her – and many who rely on her for counsel & support.

Please help this effort, help rebuild this beating heart and place it back in the Community where it belongs! This button links to the GoFundMe Page…other options below.

[su_button url=”https://www.gofundme.com/g5mujmt8″ target=”blank” style=”glass” background=”#00de03″ color=”#c90000″ size=”6″ icon=”icon: star-half-full” text_shadow=”1px 1px 1px #ffffff”]Save The Voodoo Spiritual Temple[/su_button]


Ye may also donate directly through the Temple’s PayPal account:


Or via regular mail:

Priestess Miriam
828 N. Rampart St.
New Orleans, LA


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