Not rain, floods, wind, humidity, or even cannon fire…but a bloody pestilence!

Everyone is talking about it, some are actually doing something about it – and we’re taking this as seriously as we must for the health o’ the crew & our mates!

It pains me to write this, for the first time ever, we are postponing NOLA Pyrate Week.

While the main concern is health, we worry considerably about our mates who depend on…well…PEOPLE, to make a living – food, beverage, tour guides, entertainers – at risk of both health AND livelihood. We hope (however slim) that “governments” & employers can look beyond filling their coffers even more and see to it that no one is held accountable for protecting their families health and well being, that everyone has access to clean water and food, that no one is at risk of losing their job or business because they chose to do the right thing.

Stay in touch (if yer not on THE LIST, get on it); we’ll let ye know when things change!

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