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  1. Can you please inform everyone where the event will be?? so that we can start making reservations?? if not downtown then where? Thank you.

    • Ahoy Richard! NOLA Pyrate Week begins in New Orleans (largely The French Quarter) the first weekend. From there we travel to other destinations including the town o’ Jean Lafitte (in Barataria, of course), “The Prairie” (Mamou, Ville Platte, Eunice, Arnaudville…) and the Bayous o’ South Terrebonne Parish. More information and specifics will follow, but we will certainly be in and around the Vieux Carré from Fri. 24 Mar. through Mon. 27 Mar.
      While not comprehensive, a few suggestions for lodgings are listed here as well as a reminder that crossing town on the streetcar is efficient and inexpensive!

    • BTW, there are some great places to stay on the Westbank (Algiers and area), depending on yer mode o’ transport. A pedestrian Ferry ride is still only $2 between Algiers Point & The French Quarter.

  2. When will a complete listing of events be out? Several friends & Myself will be there 3/24 thru 3/31 and we’d like to attend what we can. Will there be a meeting in Pyrate’s Alley on 3/24 or any other night/day?

    • Aye mate, Friday night (24 Mar. about 9pm) is the annual gathering o’ the crew in Pirates Alley! Hosted by our mates Thais & Tony o’ Pirates Alley Café & Olde Absinthe House.
      Saturday o’ course, is Family Pyrate Day in Algiers…there is a not-to-be-missed performance o’ Debauche that evening at Carrollton Staion (uptown). The rest o’ the week we’re still working on…if yer not already on the email list, that’d be a good plan.

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