Seafood Straight Off The Boat

If yer looking for the freshest seafood possible in Louisiana, the Louisiana Direct Seafood initiative will help! A brilliant idea that needs to spread across the country for farmers, fishers, hunters…and folk looking for fresh, local food.

Each coastal website posts ‘fresh catch’ messages of what is new on the dock and how to buy. Connect with local fishermen at a site near you for quality, wild-caught shrimp, crabs, oysters and fish, all from local waters.

Dularge-CrabsFolks forget that this is how we are supposed to get food – FAMILIES who fish, hunt and farm – and share their bounty with those who may have other skills and trades to share! Not only does this sustain a great culture, it helps regulate the harvest…AND food that is local to where ye live is the best food for ye – keeps ye healthy, prevents allergies, provides more robust nutrition for yer body (vitamins, minerals, oils, etc.). Of course, just the fact that it’s truly fresh – never frozen, not irradiated, “grown local” – makes it that much better than anything ye find in a wrapper!

Thanks to our mate Capt. Wendy Wilson-Billiot for pointing this out to us…if ye haven’t checked out her fantastic blog on life in the Bayou, what are ye waiting for? Go READ something! If ye happen to be in Louisiana, hail Capt. Wendy for a Wetlands Tour, Fishing Charter or her trademarked “Bayou Woman Adventures” – ye can even stay in the fabulous Camp Dularge, right on the Bayou – and tell her the Pyrates sent ye!


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