The Storyteller Behind The Photos

“Take Photos, Tell Stories” – that’s the byline o’ Professional Photographer (and our crewmate) Robert ‘Quicksilver’ Warren – and he lives up to every word.[su_pullquote align=”right”]The National Portrait Gallery displays only 1400 images. In 1930 it’s estimated one Billion photos were taken. Instagram users post more than 70 Million images per day![/su_pullquote]

While New Orleans (and the web) are awash in photographers these days, few stand out. Photography is an Art; though in the age o’ digital imaging, it is often perceived as somewhat diluted – there are more photos taken per day than there were in the first 80 years since the advent o’ photography (heck, some folks take more photos o’ themselves in a week than all the portraits taken in the last decade)!

Robert Warren framedRobert contacted us in early 2015 with an offer to collaborate – Portraits o’ Pyrates. We parleyed, checked out Robert’s work and agreed it was worth a shot (or three). The results we so much more than we expected…not only did he create wonderful portraits in a very intense monochrome, but wrote an entire story to go with it, outlining a conversation we had that same night (and unless he was wearing a hidden recording device, his memory retention is something to marvel at). All o’ this came together in the space o’ a few hours! Click here to read his full story.

On further discussion, we recruited Robert into the crew, dubbing him ‘Quicksilver’ – both as an homage to the early days o’ photography and for his speed o’ post production. He has become an official Sponsor o’ NOLA Pyrate Week – sharing his talent, creativity & time with us, while helping promote our endeavours – with more wonderful photos to come!

Visit Robert’s site where ye can both hire him for any photographic needs (business, personal, groups, etc.) and ye may purchase select photos in various sizes and formats to add beauty to any space. Be sure to read the stories – both photographic & video – insights into life, culture and community.

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