Thank Ye…

A quick THANK YE to all who joined our merry crew for the Merchants Market – and a special thank ye to our mate Cheryl of Audubon for graciously hosting us at the Aquarium!

Despite some rather heavy winds on Saturday, everyone had a good (if somewhat tiring) weekend and we all made new connections & new mates! There was a tremendous display of artistic talent among the lot o’ ye!

The volunteer crew from Gulf Restoration Network stuck it out and hopefully raised a lot of awareness of their excellent work…we salute them for their efforts!

Also thanks to the lads and lasses o’ The Whiskey Bay Rovers for keeping everyone entertained (and for the extra service of playing for J’anita’s at The Rendon). Great music, great folks – we know ye’ll do well and look forward to hearing ye in future!

As NOLA Pyrate Week moves on, we ask that ye keep in touch – we’d love to have ye back again next year (and have some interesting plans in the works).
Until then, we encourage ye to keep a weather eye on our website, encourage yer mates to do the same, and certainly if ye can, “GIVE something back” to folks like the Gulf Restoration Network and others who are working to restore & rebuild New Orleans and Louisiana. (links to all these folks are here)

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