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    • Alas, mate, there is not – though New Orleans is almost it’s own Pyrate Museum with a collection o’ locations related to Laffite and his crew – and the only “official Pyrate grave” in the US. We do generally visit most o’ these locations as they are mostly within the French Quarter. The Town o’ Jean Lafitte (about 40 minutes down river in Barataria itself) has a couple o’ small museums with artifacts form the time – and one spectacular set o’ marionettes (some photos here)

    • As much as I love Vieux Carré, there is in fact a Pyrate museum in St Augustine FL that I highly suggest visiting. It is directly across from La Castillo de San Marco.

      • Ah, yes – our mates down there have done quite a piece o’ work putting that together!

    • Great link, mate, thank ye! Bienville is described as an “Expeditioner”. “Adventurer”, “Privateer”…semantics, really. A Pyrate by any other name!

    • Nothing particular tonight, mate…though there are almost always a few Pyrates hanging out at Pirates Alley Cafe… we’ll be around there tomorrow afternoon for the parades.

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