Wedding O’ The Year

Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-38It’s a rare occasion when two Pyrates get wed tie the knot (well, seriously married – there is the infamous “meaningful overnight relationship” wedding…) – and that’s just what happened in Pirates Alley on the 30th o’ March 2014. If ye missed it, ye missed out on a grand celebration; hosted by our good mates Tony & Thais – and their Crew – from Pirates Alley Café, officiated by the QM herself – Seika Hellbound – and light musical fare from the fine lads o’ The Whiskey Bay Rovers. As fine a Crew o’ Privateers, Buccaneers, Wenches…even a Parrot – Pyrates from ports near and far…and the Bride & Groom (with a small, but faithful, Crew in attendance), hailing from Long Island, New York!

Photos are included below (largely taken by our own Pyratical Photog, Dawn ‘Sure Shot’ Carl…and her trusty Canon)…but first, a personal message o’ thanks from the happy couple:

On behalf of Jenny and myself, we both wish to thank everyone for participating in our pirate wedding in New Orleans. It was a great experience and made memorable by all those in attendance. We appreciate all the work of everyone involved and kind words and hearty feelings of joy that people brought with them to the event. 

We look forward to participating in future pirate events and we welcome anyone who wishes us to join us in June for Pirate Week in our own neighborhood on Long Island –

Once again, from the bottom of our hearts, a thanks to everyone for making our day fun, memorable and enjoyable.

Edward and Jenny

Click to view the photos – and remember, all photos are copyright o’ the Photographer (and watermarked as such); if ye share, credit the artist! No commercial use is allowed.

Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-01Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-03 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-05 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-07 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-09 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-11PyratesImage-PyrateWedding-02 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-12 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-13 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-17Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-16  Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-20Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-18  PyratesImage-PyrateWedding-23Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-21 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-23 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-24 PyratesImage-PyrateWedding-08Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-26  Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-28 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-29 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-30 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-31 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-32 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-33 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-34 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-35 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-39 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-40 PyratesImage-PyrateWedding-15 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-44 PyratesImage-PyrateWedding-19PyratesImage-PyrateWedding-05 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-47 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-48 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-50 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-53 Dawn-Carl-Pyrate-Wedding-56Dawn-Carl-groupIMG_6593_1

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