Where We Will, We’ll Roam…

The seas be ours
and bight the powers
where we will we’ll roam!

“Hoist the Colours” – Lyrics by Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio

If there’s one thing Pyrates enjoy, it’s ADVENTURE – especially adventure that involves TRAVEL!

As much as we are keepers o’ true and authentic history, we are also living in a time o’ great communication – the ability to reach our mates almost anywhere across the seas at any time! To do that often requires the ubiquitous (and rather non-historical) device at our side…the mobile computer (aka mobile phone).

Since we are often crossing colonial lines between nations, we need an easy to use and affordable method to keep those lines o’ communication open – after all, we don’t want to miss an important crawfish boil, treasure hunt, historical tour, or (heaven forbid) A RUM SAMPLING! Now, I hear some o’ ye bellyaching; roaming with a mobile device can often cost ye a good deal more doubloons than a Pyrate is comfortable parting with. We feel yer pain.

In the past we have tried numerous options:

  • Use yer own carriers roaming plan – sure, laugh sarcastically, I’ll wait. A few years ago, this was actually a viable option for a couple o’ years – until our carrier was purchased in a corporate takeover that increased the price o’ said plan 5x; from very affordable for 30 days to “what the hell were ye thinking” for only 20 days).
  • Acquire a cheap pay-as-ye-go phone on arrival. Not bad when phones were 90% calls and an occasional text (though ye can now get “smart” phones on these deals, but who needs two o’ the buggers?)
  • Acquire a SIM card for a standard carrier and setup a monthly plan (which ye try to keep active by adding a doubloon every so often until ye need it again). Better, but not at all convenient (requires all sorts of setup for a new number/account, swapping SIM cards if ye only have one slot…and still sometimes pricey).
  • Acquire a “roaming SIM” and a plan specifically for use in whatever nation ye might be headed for. Close…so very close. Minimal setup, SIM swap if ye only have one slot, various plans for talk/text (on a different number than yer own) and data.

Then, we ‘ad an apostrophe

Flexiroam logo

FLEXIROAM has managed to combine some very smart technology with some extremely useful roaming plans (over 200 Countries) – at decent prices! They also have some great Customer Service if ye need it; something we’re always happy to report when we find it.

Whether ye travel frequently, infrequently, for days, weeks or months, across the border or around the world – there are options to suit ye. If ye have a Dual-SIM phone, great. If ye don’t, no problem, they have a brilliant invention called the “X microchip” that sticks to yer present SIM like a Kraken on a wet deck – in the same slot! If ye have a fancy ne device that uses an eSIM, that works too.

Avast…these plans are Data only, but seriously, if ye haven’t figured out a way to make phone calls (to the 3 mates who refuse to use text messaging) through one o’ the thousand or so apps and social media services that offer the option, what ARE ye doin’? (Actually, there’s an option to make calls right in the app)

There are plans from a few dollars for a few days or up to a years worth for about $1/day. Local Plans for a specific location (eg. only US or Canada…although there’s also a local “Americas” plan that covers all of North America, Mexico and much of Central and South America). Global Plans will slide between ALL supported countries, so ye can sail the seven seas without having to swap/change anything! Ye can add more data on the go from right in the app, or share data with yer mates. Local plans have a set start and expiry period, regardless of any added data – up to 24 days (they can be scheduled ahead o’ time to start when ye arrive); schedule at least 30 days in advance and ye get a discount! Global plans start immediately and last for a set time (much longer periods, up to a year) – HOWEVER, if ye add data, the time extends and all unused data carries over!

Data usage is monitored in the app, along with any plans ye have (active or scheduled), so ye always know where ye stand. There is also a Wallet option ye can keep a few doubloons handy for quick top-ups (and ye earn a few extra with certain usage).

We’ve been using FLEXIROAM for a while now and it’s been brilliant; as good or better than any previous options we’ve used and MUCH better in most ways! If ye need a decent roaming plan, give ’em a try – they’re #PyrateApproved!

Click the link below and get lagniappe data when ye get started!

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