The WHO DAT Heard ’round The World!

New Orleans Saints NFC Champions!

[important color=”purple” title=”Who Dat”]This is New Orleans – a city founded by Buccaneers, Soldiers & River Rogues, we are descendants of many nations, we eat Alligators, breathe Hurricanes and drink the Mississippi; and we can outlast, outrun and outshout anyone on the planet! [Capt. John Swallow] C’est Nouvelle-Orléans – une ville fondée par les Boucaniers, les Soldats et les Coquins de Rivière, nous sommes des descendants de beaucoup de nations, nous mangeons des Alligators, respirons des Ouragans et buvons le Mississippi; et nous pouvons survivre, distancer et outshout quelqu’un sur la planète![/important]

It’s about far more than football – it’s a focal point for everyone in New Orleans (Louisiana even) to haul together, stand up together, SHOUT together and be share in the strength that this spirit generates. If we can pull together like this for a game, imagine what else we can accomplish? As a state, a city, a COMMUNITY…a large portion of “New Orleanians” were not born here – be they were re-born here; loving the good in this city, the CULTURE, the creativity, the diversity, the history.

While we shout “WHODAT say dey gonna beat dem Saints?” think of it really as “WHODAT say dey gonna beat dis city? NOBODY dat who!”

Like the Gators in Barataria, we don’t just survive, we’ll outlive ye all…

This video explains it nicely – The Soul Of New Orleans

…and if ye’ve never seen a Second Line in full force, THIS is how ye do it! The Men & Women Of Unity

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