In a city that hails the Pyrate Jean Laffite as their hero, the united artists of the town will lead the way of social reform with integrity, comfort and beauty. [John Preble, Louisiana Artist]

From the last weekend of March through the first weekend of April every year, the citizens of New Orleans celebrate NOLA Pyrate Week – 10 days of swashbuckling, art, music, food, events and general camaraderie among the Pyrates of Louisiana – past & present – and their mates from around the globe!Pyrates Sidewalk

We’ve taken all the fun and also made it meaningful – throughout the 10 days Pyrates give back to the city they love…everything from volunteering with rebuilding projects like, cleaning Bayous with BTNEP, working with community organizations like Goodchildren SAPC and NoLARising and raising funds for many others. We have helped raise thousands of dollars in donations and spent hundreds of hours of volunteer service to local organizations throughout Louisiana.

NOLA Pyrate Week was originally conceived and developed in the heart of New Orleans by a small group of like minded “Pyrates of The New World” – now joined by many other Pyrates, Artists, Musicians, Community/Charitable Organizations, Krewes, Local Businesses and other citizens who support our creed: “Take what ye can…GIVE something back!”™

New Orleans

We dance when there is no music. We drink at funerals. We talk too much, and live too large and, frankly, we’re suspicious of those who don’t. [Chris Rose/Times-Picayune]

New Orleans. Pyrates. Do we really need to explain it?

Well, for those who napped through history class, the City of New Orleans and south through the bayous of Terrebonne, Barataria and beyond have been home to some of the most (in)famous Pyrates in the new world; Jean & Pierre Laffite, Renato Beluche, Dominique Youx, Bathelemy Lafon (the “Architect of New Orleans”) and their associates were drawn to the mix of music, art, culture (and opportunity) that is the lifeblood of New Orleans – and they helped it grow – in fact they were instrumental in helping the US win The Battle Of New Orleans (War of 1812), helping make it a US state!

There’s a lot to love about Louisiana, especially the richness of it’s culture and the personality of it’s people – many of it’s citizens came for a visit…and made it their home! While we fondly refer to it as “the northernmost island of the Caribbean”, it is largely because of it’s ties to the Gulf of Mexico and the wetlands and waterways throughout the State – it’s variety of cultures influenced by so many nations arriving in one place.

There is still a lot of work to be done in restoring New Orleans – and in fact, Louisiana – to it’s former glory; and in many cases simply saving it’s land and culture! There are many who have taken the task of rebuilding, restoring and preserving to heart…WE are some o’ those people! The Pyrates come to celebrate, but also come to help by lending strong backs, steady hands and loud voices to rebuild, raise funds and awareness by making their second home a place to be proud of!

Join us…volunteer…and take in the music, art, culture (and opportunity) of one of the oldest and greatest cities in North America – the Pyrates are givin’ back!