Pyrates, Pitbulls & Plaquemines

Villalobos-Jackson What a grand adventure it has been thus far! Before we even started our 7th annual NOLA Pyrate Week, we ventured to Baton Rouge to visit with Blanca Rush (a sponsor who donated a large amount o’ her family’s exclusive purple rice to last year’s adventure) and an interview with the Future Leaders of America’s Gulf for HTV10 in Houma.… read on, mate!

Avast Ye Pyrates & Lubbers!

Buccaneer-Laffite-Newell-Convers-Wyeth-1940 While we insist on spelling it PYRATE, ye may see Pirate, Pyrat, Pyraat or other variations. Corsair, Buccaneer, Freebooter, Picaroon, Privateer and o’ course Swashbuckler are often used interchangeably. However ye say it or spell it, the 7th annual NOLA Pyrate Week (Mar. 27 – April 5) is the time for ye all to gather, from across the Seven Seas, to “The Northernmost Island In The Caribbean”, La Louisiane, the foot o’ Louisiana Territory…LOUISIANA!… read on, mate!

A Cause For Seadogs

Anya Avast ye Seadogs! Here’s a great cause for ye to lend a hand – whether a share o’ treasure, time or other support, this helps both People & Dogs find new lives. We salute Tia Maria Torres, her Family, Staff & Volunteers! Ye may have heard o’ Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans through their recent TV appearances on Animal Planet’s “Pit Bulls & Parolees“; but do ye really know just how much good these folks are doing?… read on, mate!

7th Annual NOLA Pyrate Week

Pyrate-Chest Aye mates, it’s been that long! We’re planning to make 2015 the grandest gathering yet – with all the adventures we can squeeze into a Pyratical “week” – and as many of ye as can join us in the beautiful State o’ Louisiana! Great food, drink, entertainment, history and camaraderie – while supporting the environment & local economy…what more could a Pyrate (or Landlubber) ask for?… read on, mate!

Help A Mate

Our New Orleans mate Larry Henley has been severely injured in a traffic accident – head trauma, skull fracture, memory loss (and other scrapes & bruises). He was in Intensive Care for three days and the Med. Staff were not sure he’d be OK…thankfully he’s a tough ol’ Pyrate!… read on, mate!