The Pyrate Market is a long standing tradition with Pyrates in New Orleans & Louisiana – in fact, the Laffite brothers & their associates were the original Pyrate marketeers – expanding the existing market o’ trade and bringing it upriver to New Orleans!

IMG_20150404_151800Algiers Louisiana, Sat. 25 Mar., 2017

Just across from the Vieux Carré (aka “French Quarter”) o’ New Orleans is an almost hidden jewel – and quiet part o’ New Orleans history! The Westbank (or “Wetbank” as it’s often referred to) aka Old Algiers is home to quiet streets, shops, restaurants…and some o’ the original locations o’ much trade in New Orleans past. The perfect place for a “Pyrate Market”, n’est ce pas?

Join the entire neighbourhood in Algiers Point for family friendly fun including: Local Merchants & Artisans, live music from our mates The Whiskey Bay Rovers (the “Official Pyrate Band” o’ NOLA Pyrate Week), Tales o’ Pyrates, History & Culture, Pyratical activities for wee Pyrates-in-training, fantastic local food…and much more! Come as ye are – or better yet, in yer Pyratical finest – if ye impress the Pyrates, they may share their treasure with ye! 

Hosted by The Old Point Bar, 545 Patterson Dr., Algiers, New Orleans.

Merchants/Artisans Please Read

Please note: we are not accepting any food merchants (unless we contact ye directly – ye know who ye are!).

Please fill out the form as completely as possible and be sure to link to a website where we can see yer merchandise or upload photos.

Merchant Registration

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The Articles

1. Merchant agrees to attend the Market for the full allotted hours.

2. Merchant will permit NOLA Pyrate Week and their Community Partners the right to use yer name and likeness – whether photo, video or otherwise - for publicity purposes in connection with all NOLA Pyrate Week and related events.

3. NOLA Pyrate Week and their Community Partners may televise live or by the use of film or video any portion or all of the event, as well as publicly posting it on the internet.

4. Merchant agrees to present all items as mentioned to the best o' their ability. Handmade items are preferred.

5. Merchant agrees to pay all fees in full and in advance to assure a space at the Market - any Merchants who have not made payment at least 2 weeks before start o' the market may forfeit their space. Acceptable payment includes online payment using credit/debit/gift card or PayPal account, or in certain circumstances, cash or trade (to be determined solely at the discretion of NOLA Pyrate Week) . There are no refunds - all money collected goes to expenses and donations to Community Partners.

6. Spaces are limited - and as such are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Preference is given to local, handmade items of interest to Pyrates.

7. While NOLA Pyrate Week and it's Community Partners make every effort to ensure the safety and security of Merchants and their goods, we do not accept responsibility for any action, accident, or occurrence we cannot control. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless NOLA Pyrate Week, it's organizers & it's Community Partners against any losses, liabilities, and claims arising out of or relating to this event.

8. While not required, we do hope ye support and promote NOLA Pyrate Week, it's causes and it's Community Partners!