Louisiana Ren. Fest Needs Help

larf-floodOur esteemed mates o’ The Louisiana Renaissance Festival have been broadsided by heavy flooding (Hurricane Isaac caused the Tangipahoa River to top it’s banks). The full damage has yet to be assessed – crews are waiting for the waters to recede and be assured o’ safety before entering the grounds.

The Ren’Faire (as it’s commonly called) is essentially a permanent Village – a walled enclosure with  buildings, shops, paddocks, homes…for six weeks this is a thriving community (that thrives even more behind the scenes all year in preparation).

Over 100 shops, 50 shows, and dozens of demonstrations everyday…seven stages, 100 merchants, a cast and crew of more than 300 people putting on one of the best events in Louisiana. Performing arts, and fine arts in one place at one time – something for everyone!

The flooding may have done serious damage to buildings, props, clothing, wares and more – but the indomitable spirit o’ those folk who love the festival are anything but dampened – they forge ahead, waiting on the moment they can get in there and get things ship shape!

Hearty volunteers are needed for the massive cleanup effort scheduled for Saturday Sept 15th. Starting at 9:00am and going to 5:00pm; 46468 River Road, Hammond, Louisiana. Please bring gloves, appropriate footwear, garbage bags, shovels…anything ye think may help. Food & refreshment will be provided.

The Louisiana Renaissance Festival has set up a PayPal account for donations if ye can spare a few doubloons any  amount helps!

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