Mikko & The Dragon

Our mate Mikko over at Go NOLA is a brave lad…nothing makes him veer from his goal o’ reporting on history & culture in New Orleans! He sat down for a chat with The Decatur Dragon about NOLA Pyrate Week, the Louisiana Pyrate Wench Pageant, Pyrate Fashion Show and saving the wetlands!

Also in this podcast (hosted by velvet voiced & multi-instrumental, Sunpie Barnes), one o’ our favourite foodies, Ms. Lorin Gaudin talks to the owner o’ Taceaux Loceaux about their recent award & Roadfood Fest and the always informative George Ingmire chats with talented local musician Willow.

Catch up with Mikko at the 15 min. mark…but listen to the whole podcast, ye’ll thank yerself later!

In many cities, it would be out of the ordinary to see a pirate walking around, nonchalantly minding his or her own business. In New Orleans, it’s become a ubiquitous occurrence, a fixture in New Orleans street performance culture. So it’s no surprise that there is an entire week devoted to pirates in New Orleans – NOLA Pyrate Week from March 23 – April 1. Mikko talks to the events director Stephanie McClain a.k.a. The Decatur Dragon about one of the week’s most exciting events, the Louisiana Pyrate Wench Pageant.

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