Pirates Alley Café THANKS Ye!

[su_highlight background=”#fff336″]AVAST YE SCALLAWAGS, WE DID IT! The appeal for Pirates Alley Café was heard early, thanks to all yer support – and, they are now officially a LEGAL BAR![/su_highlight]


[su_quote cite=” Thais Solano & Tony Seville, Proprietors”]PIRATES ALLEY CAFÉ WILL REMAIN OPEN – Thanks to our friends and customers, media attention and an outpouring of community support, the Dept. of Permits and Safety has reviewed our petition for a Bar License. After further investigation and consideration of new evidence, we have been approved and will continue to operate in the same manner which we always have. The BZA meeting scheduled for June 13th will not take place so please do not go to City Hall on that date. Once again we would like to thank all those who took the time to write in and give their support! Tony Seville & Thais Solano[/su_quote]


QM Seika Hellbound, Admiral Bird & CaptainOur favourite gathering spot is in danger! Since 1998, Pirates Alley Café & Olde Absinthe House has been operating under it’s original Restaurant License (requiring a certain percentage o’ food sales to alcohol sales). Now, if ye’ve seen the size o’ the place (all 398 sq. ft.), there’s nothing that says “restaurant”; it has clearly been operating more as a BAR for these years – with our good mates Thais Solano & Tony Seville at the helm for the last dozen. They have been speaking to the City for years regarding the impossibility o’ supplying food in the manner required by the current license and have been struggling for the logical step – to have the license changed to a “Legal Non-Conforming Bar”. Seems the powers that be are a bit confused in this matter and are arguing that millions o’ dollars in alcohol sales do not a bar make…to which we respond, Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

Support the logical choice, support the Bar and most importantly, support our mates!

Pirates Alley CaféIn the meantime, ye can send a supporting email with the form below! It will be forwarded to the appropriate parties (Ms. Leslie Alley, Deputy Director with the New Orleans City Planning Commission / Ms. Brooke Perry, Senior City Planner with the New Orleans City Planning Commission / and CCs to the Bar) – please be polite, succinct and explain why ye think Pirates Alley Café should be legally regarded as a Bar. Ye may read our own submission below…



[su_spoiler title=”Read our letter o’ support…” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]Ahoy Ms. Leslie & Ms. Brook,

Word has come to us that our good mates Thais & Tony are being besieged in their small craft by a troublesome Kraken (of Red Tape & Semantics) regarding the seemingly moot point o’ their licensing from “Restaurant” to “Bar”. In all seriousness, Pirates Alley Café & Olde Absinthe House has not only been a destination for many visitors over the years to meet new mates for a friendly drink, sample Absinthe in the old way, or simply relax after a busy day – but is also a cornerstone on some very important New Orleans/US history!

Our annual gathering known as NOLA Pyrate Week has been meeting at Pirates Alley Café these past 8+ years as a central location (easy to find, quiet and historically important) for our visitors and volunteers. As it happens, both the QM & I are related to historical Pyrates – including my ancestor Bartholomé Lafon (the “Architect of New Orleans” as well as one of Jean Laffite’s most trusted companions). Both Thais and another close mate of ours (born in New Orleans, now living in Alaska), are related to Renato Beluche, Laffite’s Lieutenant and along with Dominique Youx, responsible for leading the Baratarians & their Cannons at Chalmette! Our gathering brings thousands of dollars into Louisiana, supporting local businesses (like this one), raising awareness of community and Gulf Coast issues, volunteering time & resources to rebuilding & education – and generally acting as Ambassadors for the history & culture of communities across New Orleans and Louisiana.

Thais & Tony have been tremendous supporters of our efforts to share history and culture, while encouraging folk to support local organizations concerned with the reparation and uplifting of both communities and wetlands. Visitors have joined our gathering (both Pyrates and non) from around the globe – France, Holland, Australia, Canada…and across the US. Pirates Alley Café & Olde Absinthe House is prominently mentioned on our website, all our press, social media…thousands of views every month. In fact, as thanks for their continued support, we gifted them with a new and improved website (soon to be fully implemented) allowing them greater access and interaction with their global audience.

The Bar (or “The Pub” – for that is how we have always known and referred to it – despite it’s official title) is literally an historical cornerstone – hiding the last vestiges of the Calabozo where many of Laffite’s men were released so they could fight bravely to save the young US from a British invasion. Without them, as we know, things in New Orleans would be quite a bit different!

The Bar is such a central meeting place for Pyrate history, that the Mayor of the Town of Jean Lafitte is not only a frequent customer, but has become our good mate singularly due to being introduced to us by Thais & Tony! We now have a standing invitation to personally visit Mayor Tim and every year are invited to speak at Fisher Middle-High School about the history of Pyrates and their part in the Battle of New Orleans.

We are but humble Pyrates (even benevolent, some say) and we ask in the name of the brothers Laffite, Renato Beluche, Dominque Youx, Bartholomé Lafon, the many spirits that abide in that alley – and everyone who appreciates the true history & culture of New Orleans. To quote President James Madison, in his pardon of the Baratarians (aka Procalmation 19), we “have abandoned the prosecution of the worse cause for the support of the best, and particularly that they have exhibited in the defense of New Orleans unequivocal traits of courage and fidelity.” Please see your way to facilitating a smooth and painless transition for Bar du Théatre, Inc. / DBA, Pirates Alley Café & Olde Absinthe House to be “officially” recognized as the Bar it’s always been…and an historical plaque wouldn’t be amiss to honour the location for it’s value!

Fair winds, following seas & full tankards,

Capt. John Swallow
QM Seika Hellbound[/su_spoiler]

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