Community – Family – Volunteer!

We are still taking volunteer applications to work with
A few hours of yer time can help rebuild a family home, a community, a city. Though experience is helpful for many jobs, it is not required – all that is required is the will and determination to DO. The fine folk at (all volunteers themselves) can train ye to help with a variety o’ tasks…something as simple as planting a tree is a step toward revitalizing a community.

Here is a video that one volunteer compiled during her time with – a short trip through the Lower Ninth Ward community that punctuates why YOUR help is still needed.

[blockquote color=red]There are 150 homes on the waiting list. They currently have resources and volunteers to rebuild 10 per year.[/blockquote]

Watch this Video (Nov. 2009) (Thank ye to Miz Hayes and all those who give o’ their time and energy!)

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