Cheers & Thank Ye To All…

NOLA Pyrate Week is essentially a community event – it’s success is thanks to it’s community – a community that extends from New Orleans to all those fine folk worldwide who come to visit, participate and support it. Despite the more “lean” economy this year, we had Pyrates ship in from the UK, Netherlands and France – as well as Canada and many States in the Union! The band Pyrates (UK) spent their own doubloons to be part of NOLA Pyrate Week (and parleyed a deal with Pam & Earl to play at The Funky Pirate on Bourbon St.)…M. Phillipe Eymonerie “Le Frere de la Cote” took the long journey from the port of  Saint Malo, France to visit his Pyrate brethren on this side of the Atlantic.

There are so many fine folks to thank for their support, encouragement and participation in this series of events – so in no particular order we thank…

Rick Prose, Lauren Smith, Matt and the crew at for welcoming Pyrate volunteers to the project.

Our intrepid volunteers who worked with Capt. Sharkbyte (Seattle, WA), Capt. Charity Ann Rackham (Burnaby, BC), 1st Mate Cobbs Merrin (Burnaby, BC), Black Cat McKellar (Lafayette, LA), Adrienne O. (New Orleans, LA), Kerry H. (Thibodeaux, LA), Sara D. (Albany, NY) and Abbarossa Villard (Joplin, MO)

Dan Sheridan & Noomoon Tribe for their mighty effort staging the “Land Of NOD Experiment” in Dutch Alley (Art, Music, Fashion) in conjunction with NOLA Pyrate Week. A tremendous gathering of musicians, artists, fashion and merchants that we worked together to make happen – Dan and his crew did all the heavy lifting and brought an amazing variety of musical guests to the stage! This was also an awareness campaign for the wetlands – represented by the fine folks from the Gulf Coast Restoration Network.

All the musicians who played during two days in Dutch Alley and several others throughout the “week”:

  • Special mention to Alex McMurray (aka Cap’n Sandy, our Pyrate King and one o’ the hardest working Pyrates in show biz) for taking time out of his busy schedule to join us – he played with The Happy Talk Band at Dutch Alley, then favoured us with his sea chanteys at the Hi Ho (with several guest vocalists backing him and the mighty Matt Perrine on Tuba)
  • Pyrates! (UK) who traveled from across the sea to be in New Orleans for NOLA Pyrate Week – working 4 sets a night at The Funky Pirate and playing for us on 4 other occasions
  • Many local musicians including: Coco Robicheaux, Debauche, The Swaggers, Margie Perez, Flow Tribe, Amzie Adams, Sol Ruiz, Lord David, My Graveyard Jaw, Death By Arrow, Marygoround, R. Scully & The Rough 7, The White Bitch, Won Ton Lust, Morella & The Wheels Of If, Tapwater Mind Control, Ray Bong, Oscillation Communications, Sex Hex, Sons Of Payne, DJ Proppa Bear, R. Moose Jackson, Mystic Ponies…(we missed Ratty Scurvics who was out with an injury)

Artists/merchants including: Lizard King Sculptures, Suzanne Saunders, Kelly Israel, Noomoon Tribe, NOLA Rising, Mardi Claw, High Bohemia, Dante’s Masquerade, The Pirates Life (Texas), New Orleans Tile Co., LaCrosse Precious Metal Casting, Philosopher’s Stone (Michigan), Stone Harbour Press (NOLA/California), Calamity, Howlpop, Penny Dreadful Poppets (Ontario), Louisiana Sue (Chalmette/California), Goodchildren Social Aid & Pleasure Club, Orrin’s Games…

Special thanks to Mardi Claw and those who helped make the Pyrate Parade a success and the Krewes, Musicians and all those who joined in. Thanks to The R Bar for putting up with the parade chaos! Officer Don Powers, The NOPD and The Guardian Angels for security along the parade route.

Kathy (aka Katy 9 Tales) & Goodchildren Social Aid & Pleasure Club for inviting Pyrates to participate in the Doll Making Party, Annual Good Friday fundraiser at The Hi Ho Lounge and join in the Easter Parade.

Paul Webb of Bywater Music and ‘Sir’ David Newman of International Vintage Guitars for supplying instruments, P.A. and support at great rates.

Pam & Erik of Stone Harbour Press for offering up a week at their Villa in Jamaica as an auction item to support our charities.

John, Laurie and staff at The Hi Ho Lounge –  a great place to hear local talent while dining on fresh Pizza and a drink.

The fabulous ladies of New Orleans Burlesque for their talent & support: Rev. Spooky LeStrange & Her Billion Dollar Baby Dolls and Ms. Trixie Minx & Fleur De Tease.

Jonathan from Krewe Of Pyrates for the historical and entertaining Pyrate Pub Crawl.

Tara & Carl from the New Orleans Convention & Visitor Bureau for their support sending out Media Alerts.

Shayna Vest of for her sponsorship, promotion & support.

Michael Martin, a great cast and The Backyard Ballroom for entertaining us with a staged reading of “The Many Deaths Of Theodosia”.

Thais & Tony at Pirates Alley Cafe for supporting & hosting many Pyrates over the years, preserving/sharing New Orleans history and the special touches –  like the delicious spread at the end of the Pyrate Pub Crawl.

Polly Watts and the staff at The Avenue Pub for hosting a Rum Tasting & Pyrate Party on the best balcony in NOLA.

Kimmie & Craig of J’anita’s (and their staff) for serving up a spectacular array of culinary delights at The Avenue Pub!

Kat Kagelery & Bayou 95.7 for their ongoing support and promotion of NOLA Pyrate Week.

WWOZ for their ongoing support and promotion of NOLA Pyrate Week – and New Orleans variety of music & culture.

Stephenie Gaudet of Clear Channel Communications (New Orleans) for her support, promotion and great photos (see gallery). Including mentions on WRNO 99.5 FM (aka Rush Radio) and KYRK 104.1 FM – The Rock Of New Orleans!

Times Picayune,,,, The Gambit, Where Y’at Magazine, & affiliates, Renaissance Magazine – and all the online & media outlets listing the event. Thanks to Huli’s Festival Calendar for our inclusion.

The staff at Schiro’s Balcony House for taking such special good care of visiting Pyrates

The staff at the New Orleans Courtyard Hotel (N. Rampart) for being extremely accommodating to Pyrates! UK

Cher, Jyl, Renee, Susan, Caleb The Cunning, Frank Picone as Capt. Jack, Iron Tom Hell(er), Lady Lisa and their family, Maria Bielanski and all the local Pyrates, Wenches and others who joined in the revelry.

Irina for her face painting and many videos of the NOLA Pyrate Week parade, Dutch Alley, Goodchildren Doll Making Party…(see videos here)

The Greater New Orleans Photographic Society, Quinn Dombrowski and everyone who took photos…

Mr. Montrel and the staff at Montrel’s Bistro (Decatur St.) for consistently great food, friendly service and always a table for Pyrates!

All our NOLA mates who disseminate information, communication, enlightenment and entertainment through the social media network of Blogs, Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace and more…ye heard?

It’s possible we may have left a name or two out – purely by accident – but rest assured we THANK YE just the same!

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